Green Scare: Animal Rights Activists Face Terrorism Charges for Freeing Minks from Fur Farm | Democracy Now!

Green Scare: Animal Rights Activists Face Terrorism Charges for Freeing Minks from Fur Farm | Democracy Now!.

The government has unveiled federal terrorism charges against two animal rights activists accused of helping to free minks and foxes from fur farms in rural Illinois. In newly unsealed indictments, the prosecutors accuse Tyler Lang and Kevin Olliff of freeing about 2,000 mink from their cages on a fur farm and then removing parts of the fence surrounding the property so the mink could escape. The activists are also accused of spray-painting “Liberation is Love” on the farm’s walls. Lang and Olliff have been indicted under the controversial Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), with each count carrying a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. We are joined by reporter Will Potter, who covers animal rights and environmental issues at “It really doesn’t matter how you feel about animal rights groups or about these alleged crimes of stealing animals,” Potter says of the AETA, which he argues is too broad while criminalizing protests and civil disobedience. “This is really about a corporate campaign to demonize their opposition and to use terrorism resources to shut down a movement.” Potter also discusses his wildly successful Kickstarter campaign to purchase a drone for use in photographing abuses at factory farms.


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AN AMERICAN GIRL – Poetry Offering for July 4th, 2014

American GirlIt’s better.

It doesn’t hurt so much to see it now.

It is better…

as it waves– hello– goodbye.

Moving… always in motion,

here… where the incessant wind blows.

It will never mean all it once did to me

when it was hurled high, unfurling as it rose.

I, standing at attention, my little hand raised in salute.

My heart racing, silently screaming,

“I’m free, see, I’m free!

It is better,

constantly moving on the wind.

My heart aches less at the shame we’ve allowed;

as the one time symbol of my and the world’s

personal freedom, hope and pride dances with the wind.

Changed; I now know that only a People

can make a little girl’s heart move

to salute and cry out, “See my Flag?! See?! I’m Free! I’m FREE!”

Only a People who are not blown by any wind…

Only a People ever vigilant of little girls’ freedoms…..

Now I know, that little girls’ freedoms are blown away

by the winds of Fascism,

as in all times past…

Copyright 2008/14 by JD Adam
All rights retained by Author. An American Girl may be freely copied and freely distributed without request as long as this copyright notice remains in place.

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History Shows That NAFTA Is a Disaster | Economy In Crisis

History Shows That NAFTA Is a Disaster | Economy In Crisis.

History Shows That NAFTA Is a Disaster


When President Clinton signed NAFTA he promised that it would ensure that it would bring good jobs that paid well to the U.S. Ross Perot predicted it would have a different affect, saying that we would see a great sucking sound pulling jobs south to Mexico. After 20 years what has been the result of NAFTA on the economy and on the American middle class? Nothing short of a disaster, as it has taken away jobs and manufacturing from the U.S. leaving our economy on shaky ground.

As we said before, it has now been more than two decades years since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) passed in the U.S. Before signing the agreement, President Clinton told us the lie that it would ensure good jobs for Americans, including 200,000 jobs in the first year alone. Instead it has only been the beginning of America’s fall from power. Instead of a favorable balance of trade, we now have significant trade deficits. Instead of jobs we have unemployment.

According to recent studies, NAFTA has caused a staggering $181 billion U.S. trade deficit with NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada and the related loss of 1 million net U.S. jobs. Once we consider also our growing income inequality, it is easy to see that NAFTA has been a terrible deal for us.

It is easy to see how this has affected wages in the U.S. The average household income in the U.S. in 1999 was $56,080, in 2012 it was $51,017, and today it is $44,900. The affects of NAFTA have taken their toll on the American worker. With these lost wages and jobs real unemployment has risen to 23%.

Support for NAFTA among Americans is very low. One survey found that 53% of Americans believe the U.S. should “do whatever is necessary” to “renegotiate” or “leave” NAFTA, while only 15% believe the U.S. should “continue to be a member of NAFTA.”

So why hasn’t anything been done about this? If NAFTA has been so terrible why aren’t we pushing harder to end it? Consider this – our media is controlled by six massive corporations. These corporations work hard to make sure that the issues that really affect Americans aren’t brought to light. If Americans were really aware of how terrible these trade agreements were there would be massive protests.

We must act now to restore America, and that begins with doing away with NAFTA. Contact your Congressional Representative today and tell them we must get out of NAFTA.

For more information on the state of the nation, and policies to strengthen our weakened economic condition, be sure to subscribe to receive our newsletter twice weekly.

Please link to Economy In Crisis to leave comments directly on their site for this article, and if you please, leave a comment here as well!  Many thanks to Economy in Crisis for their superb reporting on these very under-reported Treaties.

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The Banker’s Umbrella – Blog

The Banker’s Umbrella – Blog.



Picture credit: Flickr/Rebecca Schley
I believe the term Americans like to use is “I stepped up to the plate” This is exactly what I have done for you dear readers, I’ve stepped up to the plate.

While watching the World Cup yesterday I read through all 30 pages of legalise of the NY Attorney General’s charges against Barclays bankWhat follows is a summary of what it contains and what you need to know to sound like you’ve actually read it and you can appear smarter than your finance friends at Friday night drinks at the pub.

Shall we get started?

What has really been happening at Barclays?

They’ve been naughty, very naughty indeed, that’s what has been happening at Barclays. Specifically their dark pool known as “LX” which is run by their Equities Electronic Trading division deserves a proper spanking.

So here’s what is alleged that Barclays has done: When you, a Barclays client,  send an order to buy a stock, instead of routing it to the stock exchange they’d place it in their own dark pool (think of it like their own internal stock exchange). Nothing wrong with this so far, happens all the time and the idea is that you can get a better price. 

Problem is that when you operate a dark pool you need lots of buyers and sellers so that you have a working market. Otherwise your dark pool ends up being like one of those deserted shopping mallsBarclays didn’t have enough people at its shopping mall. 

Barclays needed more traders so they could match the trades in their dark pool. Why? When they matched trades in their dark pool they made money and also they wouldn’t have to pay exchange fees because this was their own little lemonade stand after all.

To get enough people to trade in their dark pool Barclays turned to high frequency trading (HFT) firms and invited them to their dark pool. The thing about high frequency traders is that they trade at a high frequency (clue’s in the name and all that). Thanks to these HFT firms throwing orders hither and yon Barclays had a working market, making them pots of money. Still nothing inherently wrong with this, but now we come to the real problems.

  1. To get these HFT firms to come and trade in their dark pool Barclays gave certain HFT firms information regarding their dark pool order flow.
  2. Barclays marketed their dark pool as being safe from “predatory” traders and “toxic” flow, both of which are often felt to be part and parcel of HFT.

As mentioned earlier, Barclays routed most of their trades into their own dark pool first. Information regarding these trades was then provided to certain HFT firms operating in the dark pool. Think about it like this: Certain firms operating in the world’s largest dark pool got information regarding most of the trade flow from one of the world’s largest banks. Even the deductive skills of Inspector Jacques Clouseau would tell you the value that can be gleamed from such information is priceless. Also it’s not really fair is it?

The duplicitous and possibly illegal activity that Barclays conducted is that they marketed aggressively the fact that they would keep investors safe from precisely the practices that it was subjecting its clients to.

I told you they’d been naughty, very naughty.

Was what Barclays did illegal?

Time will tell, but one thing is clear from the text of the summons. It’s not such an open and shut case as it first appears. It’s absolutely clear that Barclays shafted their clients. No doubt about it. Bringing them to justice on the other hand is a completely different kettle of fish, especially once Barclays’ lawyers have had a good go at it.

Here’s the problem from a legal perspective.

  1. Testimony based on former employees
  2. Marketing material
  3. Trial

A significant part of the summons contains testimony and comments from former employees. In fact the most interesting part of the summons was how toxic (pardon the HFT pun) the working atmosphere at Barclays Electronic Trading must have been. North Korean politics probably has nothing on this particular department in Barclays when it comes to intrigue, back stabbing and seething resentment.

If I was one of these “former employees” I’d be right royally scared at this point. If one thing is a cert in American legal circles it is character assassination. Barclays’ lawyers will rip apart the lives of these former employees and paint them as gargoyles in human form and do anything they possibly can to discredit them, they’ll probably succeed as well.

Then we come to the point about marketing material. The summons shows many good points and quotes from Barclays marketing material, which really do look like a smoking gun. BUT!!! is it really? I haven’t seen the marketing material in question in detail myself, but I am wondering what the small print disclaimers said. No one can promise you the stars in the big print while delivering you manure in the small print like a bank’s marketing brochure.

As for the trial. I’m no American legal eagle but what if this goes to trial? The issues of trade routing, dark pools, HFT etc. are hugely complex. Most finance pros don’t understand them, how on earth will a jury of ‘normal’ non-finance people ever comprehend it all?

Therein is Barclays strength: A long protracted trial with the aim of sending each and every juror to sleep each and every day with the minutiae of trade execution.

So as you can see, the whole thing is not as straightforward as the NY Attorney General makes out… and Barclays knows it.

The über smart quotes

One more thing. It always makes you appear plenty smart if you can quote a few legal terms in a discussion. Since I’m your friend and want to help you look like the smartest person in the room below are the two laws Barclays is alleged to have violated.

  1. The Martin Act Securities Fraud “employed deception, misrepresentations, concealment, suppression, fraud, and false promises regarding the issuance, distribution, exchange, sale, negotiation, or purchase within or from this state of securities. “
  2. Persistent Fraud and Illegality – Executive Law § 63(12) “Barclays (a) engaged in repeated fraudulent or illegal acts or otherwise demonstrated persistent fraud and (b) repeatedly violated the Martin Act in the carrying on, conducting or transaction of business within the meaning and intent of Executive Law § 63(12).

I thank this Blogger for their continued commitment and ability to educate even a layman to economics as myself!  Please read more and subscribe at    I do…:) jdadam


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If You’re Too Grossed Out To Share This Video, Then You’re Exactly Why It Exists

If You’re Too Grossed Out To Share This Video, Then You’re Exactly Why It Exists.

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The Ruling Class (Full Film)


It’s a lot less funny now….now we know we have yet to overcome …

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“Pity the nation that has to silence its writers…” Arundhati Roy


Nothing need be added…except our Compassion and our ACTION!

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“Pity the nation that has to silence its writers for speaking their minds… Pity the nation that needs to jail those who ask for justice while communal killers, mass murderers, corporate scamsters, looters, rapists and those who prey on the poorest of the poor, roam free.” - Arundhati Roycropped-lifeflapper19221.jpg

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