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We need to learn how to read and understand how and what the LAWS being made for and against us are created, implemented and Enforced in EVERY moment of our living and being from Birth to Death. I hope you find this of interest…. the dissenting opinions begin after JUSTICE GORSUCH, with whom JUSTICE THOMAS and JUSTICE ALITO join, concurring.

There will come a day very soon when we all will have to compose and ratify a more perfect Constitution in order to secure the freedoms we have been stripped of in this 21st Century…but first we must re-learn what they were, it’s been a generation …

Yours with respect, compassion, loving kindness and HOPE!

Nobody, stranded on the Isle of Cyclopes with you, my Friend.

(Slip Opinion) Cite as: 595 _ Per Curiam NOTICE: This opinion is subject to formal revision before publication in the preliminary print of the United States Reports. Readers are requested to notify the Reporter of Decisions, Supreme Court of the United States, Wash-ington, D. C. 20543, of any typographical or other formal errors, in order that corrections may be made before the preliminary print goes to press.SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES Nos. 21A244 and 21A247NATIONAL FEDERATION OF INDEPENDENT BUSINESS, ET AL., APPLICANTS 21A244 v.DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ADMINISTRATION, ET AL.OHIO, ET AL., APPLICANTS 21A247 v. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ADMINISTRATION, ET AL. ON APPLICATIONS FOR STAYS [January 13, 2021]

NOTICE: This opinion is subject to formal revision before publication in the
preliminary print of the United States Reports. Readers are requested to
notify the Reporter of Decisions, Supreme Court of the United States, Wash-
ington, D. C. 20543, of any typographical or other formal errors, in order that
corrections may be made before the preliminary print goes to press.

The Secretary of Labor, acting through the Occupational
Safety and Health Administration, recently enacted a vac-
cine mandate for much of the Nation’s work force. The

mandate, which employers must enforce, applies to roughly
84 million workers, covering virtually all employers with at
least 100 employees. It requires that covered workers re-
ceive a COVID–19 vaccine, and it pre-empts contrary state
laws. The only exception is for workers who obtain a medi-
cal test each week at their own expense and on their own
time, and also wear a mask each workday. OSHA has never
before imposed such a mandate. Nor has Congress. Indeed,
although Congress has enacted significant legislation ad-
dressing the COVID–19 pandemic, it has declined to enact

Per Curiam
any measure similar to what OSHA has promulgated here.
Many States, businesses, and nonprofit organizations
challenged OSHA’s rule in Courts of Appeals across the
country. The Fifth Circuit initially entered a stay. But
when the cases were consolidated before the Sixth Circuit,
that court lifted the stay and allowed OSHA’s rule to take
effect. Applicants now seek emergency relief from this
Court, arguing that OSHA’s mandate exceeds its statutory
authority and is otherwise unlawful. Agreeing that appli-
cants are likely to prevail, we grant their applications and
stay the rule.


Congress enacted the Occupational Safety and Health
Act in 1970. 84 Stat. 1590, 29 U. S. C. §651 et seq. The Act
created the Occupational Safety and Health Administra –
tion (OSHA), which is part of the Department of Labor and
under the supervision of its Secretary. As its name sug –
gests, OSHA is tasked with ensuring occupational safety—
that is, “safe and healthful working conditions.” §651(b). It
does so by enforcing occupational safety and health stand-
ards promulgated by the Secretary. §655(b). Such stand-
ards must be “reasonably necessary or appropriate to pro-
vide safe or healthful employment.” §652(8) (emphasis
added). They must also be developed using a rigorous pro-
cess that includes notice, comment, and an opportunity for
a public hearing. §655(b).
The Act contains an exception to those ordinary notice-
and-comment procedures for “emergency temporary stand-
ards.” §655(c)(1). Such standards may “take immediate ef-
fect upon publication in the Federal Register.” Ibid. They
are permissible, however, only in the narrowest of circum –
stances: the Secretary must show (1) “that employees are
exposed to grave danger from exposure to substances or
agents determined to be toxic or physically harmful or from

Cite as: 595 U. S. ____ (2022)
Per Curiam
new hazards,” and (2) that the “emergency standard is nec-
essary to protect employees from such danger.” Ibid. Prior
to the emergence of COVID–19, the Secretary had used this
power just nine times before ( and never to issue a rule as
broad as this one). Of those nine emergency rules, six were
challenged in court, and only one of those was upheld in full.
See BST Holdings, L.L.C. v. Occupational Safety and
Health Admin., 17 F. 4th 604, 609 (CA5 2021).
On September 9, 2021, President Biden announced “a
new plan to require more Americans to be vaccinated.” Re-
marks on the COVID–19 Response and National Vaccina-
tion Efforts, 2021 Daily Comp. of Pres. Doc. 775, p. 2. As
part of that plan, the President said that the Department
of Labor would issue an emergency rule requiring all em-
ployers with at least 100 employees “to ensure their work –
forces are fully vaccinated or show a negative test at least
once a week.” Ibid. The purpose of the rule was to increase
vaccination rates at “businesses all across America.” Ibid.
In tandem with other planned regulations, the administra-
tion’s goal was to impose “vaccine requirements” on “about
100 million Americans, two-thirds of all workers.” Id., at 3.
After a 2-month delay, the Secretary of Labor issued the
promised emergency standard. 86 Fed. Reg. 61402 (2021).
Consistent with President Biden’s announcement, the rule
applies to all who work for employers with 100 or more em-
ployees. There are narrow exemptions for employees who
work remotely “100 percent of the time” or who “work
exclusively outdoors,” but those exemptions are largely il –
lusory. Id., at 61460. The Secretary has estimated, for ex-
ample, that only nine percent of landscapers and
groundskeepers qualify as working exclusively outside. Id.,
at 61461. The regulation otherwise operates as a blunt in-
strument. It draws no distinctions based on industry or
risk of exposure to COVID–19. Thus, most lifeguards and

Per Curiam
linemen face the same regulations as do medics and meat-
packers. OSHA estimates that 84.2 million employees are
subject to its mandate. Id., at 61467.
Covered employers must “develop, implement, and en-
force a mandatory COVID–19 vaccination policy.” Id., at
61402. The employer must verify the vaccination status of
each employee and maintain proof of it. Id., at 61552. The
mandate does contain an “exception” for employers that re-
quire unvaccinated workers to “undergo [weekly] COVID–
19 testing and wear a face covering at work in lieu of vac-
cination.” Id., at 61402. But employers are not required to
offer this option, and the emergency regulation purports to
pre-empt state laws to the contrary. Id., at 61437. Unvac-
cinated employees who do not comply with OSHA’s rule
must be “removed from the workplace.” Id., at 61532. And
employers who commit violations face hefty fines: up to
$13,653 for a standard violation, and up to $136,532 for a
willful one. 29 CFR §1903.15(d) (2021).
OSHA published its vaccine mandate on November 5,
2021. Scores of parties—including States, businesses,
trade groups, and nonprofit organizations—filed petitions
for review, with at least one pe tition arriving in each re –
gional Court of Appeals. The cases were consolidated in the
Sixth Circuit, which was selected at random pursuant to 28
U. S. C. §2112(a).
Prior to consolidation, howe ver, the Fifth Circuit stayed
OSHA’s rule pending furth er judicial review. BST Hold –
ings, 17 F. 4th 604. It held that the mandate likely ex-
ceeded OSHA’s statutory authority, raised separation-of-
powers concerns in the absence of a clear delegation from
Congress, and was not properly tailored to the risks facing
different types of workers and workplaces.
When the consolidated cases arrived at the Sixth Circuit,
two things happened. First, many of the petitioners—

Cite as: 595 U. S. ____ (2022)
Per Curiam
nearly 60 in all—requested initial hearing en banc. Second,
OSHA asked the Court of Appeals to vacate the Fifth Cir-
cuit’s existing stay. The Sixth Circuit denied the request
for initial hearing en banc by an evenly divided 8-to-8 vote.
In re MCP No. 165, 20 F. 4th 264 (2021). Chief Judge Sut-
ton dissented, joined by seven of his colleagues. He rea-
soned that the Secretary’s “broad assertions of administra-
tive power demand unmistak able legislative support,”
which he found lacking. Id., at 268. A three-judge panel
then dissolved the Fifth Circuit’s stay, holding that OSHA’s
mandate was likely consistent with the agency’s statutory
and constitutional authority. See In re MCP No. 165, 2021
WL 5989357, ___ F. 4th ___ (CA6 2021). Judge Larsen dis-
Various parties then filed applications in this Court re-
questing that we stay OSHA’s emergency standard. We
consolidated two of those applications—one from the Na-
tional Federation of Independent Business, and one from a
coalition of States—and heard expedited argument on Jan-
uary 7, 2022.
The Sixth Circuit concluded that a stay of the rule was
not justified. We disagree.
Applicants are likely to succeed on the merits of their
claim that the Secretary lacked authority to impose the
mandate. Administrative agencies are creatures of statute.
They accordingly possess only the authority that Congress
has provided. The Secretary has ordered 84 million Amer-
icans to either obtain a COVID–19 vaccine or undergo
weekly medical testing at their own expense. This is no
“everyday exercise of federal power.” In re MCP No. 165 ,
20 F. 4th, at 272 (Sutton, C. J., dissenting). It is instead a
significant encroachment into the lives—and health—of a

Per Curiam
vast number of employees. “We expect Congress to speak
clearly when authorizing an agen cy to exercise powers of
vast economic and political significance.” Alabama Assn. of
Realtors v. Department of Health and Human Servs. , 594
U. S. ___, ___ (2021) ( per curiam) (slip op., at 6) (internal
quotation marks omitted). There can be little doubt that
OSHA’s mandate qualifies as an exercise of such authority.
The question, then, is whether the Act plainly authorizes
the Secretary’s mandate. It does not. The Act empowers
the Secretary to set workplace safety standards, not broad
public health measures. See 29 U. S. C. §655(b) (directing
the Secretary to set “occupational safety and health stand-
ards” (emphasis added)); §655(c)(1) (authorizing the Secre-
tary to impose emergency temporary standards necessary
to protect “employees” from grave danger in the workplace).
Confirming the point, the Act’s provisions typically speak
to hazards that employees face at work. See, e.g., §§651,
653, 657. And no provision of the Act addresses public
health more generally, which falls outside of OSHA’s sphere
of expertise.
The dissent protests that we are imposing “a limit found
no place in the governing statute.” Post, at 7 (joint opinion
of BREYER, SOTOMAYOR, and KAGAN, JJ.). Not so. It is the
text of the agency’s Organic Act that repeatedly makes clear
that OSHA is charged with regulating “occupational” haz-
ards and the safety and health of “employees.” See, e.g., 29
U. S. C. §§652(8), 654(a)(2), 655(b)–(c).
The Solicitor General does not dispute that OSHA is lim-
ited to regulating “work-rela ted dangers.” Response Brief
for OSHA in No. 21A244 etc., p. 45 (OSHA Response). She
instead argues that the risk of contracting COVID–19 qual-
ifies as such a danger. We cannot agree. Although COVID–
19 is a risk that occurs in many workplaces, it is not an oc-
cupational hazard in most. COVID–19 can and does spread
at home, in schools, during sporting events, and everywhere
else that people gather. That kind of universal risk is no

Cite as: 595 U. S. ____ (2022)
Per Curiam
different from the day-to-day dangers that all face from
crime, air pollution, or any number of communicable dis-
eases. Permitting OSHA to regulate the hazards of daily
life—simply because most Americans have jobs and face
those same risks while on the clock—would significantly ex-
pand OSHA’s regulatory authority without clear congres-
sional authorization.
The dissent contends that OSHA’s mandate is compara –
ble to a fire or sanitation regulation imposed by the agency.
See post, at 7–9. But a vaccine mandate is strikingly unlike
the workplace regulations that OSHA has typically im-
posed. A vaccination, after all, “cannot be undone at the
end of the workday.” In re MCP No. 165, 20 F. 4th, at 274
(Sutton, C. J., dissenting). Contrary to the dissent’s conten-
tion, imposing a vaccine mandate on 84 million Americans
in response to a worldwide pandemic is simply not “part of
what the agency was built for.” Post, at 10.
That is not to say OSHA lacks authority to regulate occu-
pation-specific risks related to COVID–19. Where the virus
poses a special danger because of the particular features of
an employee’s job or workplace, targeted regulations are
plainly permissible. We do not doubt, for example, that
OSHA could regulate researchers who work with the
COVID–19 virus. So too could OSHA regulate risks associ-
ated with working in particularly crowded or cramped en-
vironments. But the danger present in such workplaces dif-
fers in both degree and kind from the everyday risk of
contracting COVID–19 that all face. OSHA’s indiscrimi-
nate approach fails to account for this crucial distinction—
between occupational risk and risk more generally—and ac-
cordingly the mandate takes on the character of a general
public health measure, rather than an “occupational safety
or health standard.” 29 U. S. C. §655(b) (emphasis added).
In looking for legislative support for the vaccine mandate,
the dissent turns to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021,
Pub. L. 117–2, 135 Stat. 4. See post, at 8. That legislation,

Per Curiam
signed into law on March 11, 2021, of course said nothing
about OSHA’s vaccine mandate, which was not announced
until six months later. In fact, the most noteworthy action
concerning the vaccine mandate by either House of Con-
gress has been a majority vote of the Senate disapproving
the regulation on December 8, 2021. S. J. Res. 29, 117th
Cong., 1st Sess. (2021).
It is telling that OSHA, in it s half century of existence,
has never before adopted a broad public health regulation
of this kind—addressing a threat that is untethered, in any
causal sense, from the workplace. This “lack of historical
precedent,” coupled with the breadth of authority that the
Secretary now claims, is a “telling indication” that the man-
date extends beyond the agency’s legitimate reach. Free
Enterprise Fund v. Public Company Accounting Oversight
Bd., 561 U. S. 477, 505 (2010) (internal quotation marks
The equities do not justify withholding interim relief. We
are told by the States and the employers that OSHA’s man-
date will force them to incur billions of dollars in unrecov-
erable compliance costs and will cause hundreds of thou-
sands of employees to leave their jobs. See Application in
No. 21A244, pp. 25–32; Application in No. 21A247, pp. 32–
33; see also 86 Fed. Reg. 61475. For its part, the Federal
Government says that the mandate will save over 6,500
lives and prevent hundreds of thousands of hospitaliza-
tions. OSHA Response 83; see also 86 Fed. Reg. 61408.
It is not our role to weigh such tradeoffs. In our system
of government, that is the responsibility of those chosen by
* The dissent says that we do “not contest,” post, at 6, that the mandate
was otherwise proper under the requirements for an emergency tempo-
rary standard, see 29 U. S. C. §655(c)(1). To be clear, we express no view
on issues not addressed in this opinion.

Cite as: 595 U. S. ____ (2022)
Per Curiam
the people through democratic processes. Although Con –
gress has indisputably given OSHA the power to regulate
occupational dangers, it has not given that agency the
power to regulate public heal th more broadly. Requiring
the vaccination of 84 million Americans, selected simply be-
cause they work for employers with more than 100 employ-
ees, certainly falls in the latter category.
* * *
The applications for stays presented to J USTICE
KAVANAUGH and by him referred to the Court are granted.
OSHA’s COVID–19 Vaccination and Testing; Emergency
Temporary Standard, 86 Fed. Reg. 61402, is stayed pending
disposition of the applicants’ petitions for review in the
United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and
disposition of the applicants’ petitions for writs of certiorari,
if such writs are timely sought. Should the petitions for
writs of certiorari be denied, this order shall terminate au-
tomatically. In the event the petitions for writs of certiorari
are granted, the order shall terminate upon the sending
down of the judgment of this Court.
It is so ordered.

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GORSUCH, J., concurring
Nos. 21A244 and 21A247
21A244 v.
21A247 v.
[January 13, 2022]
JUSTICE ALITO join, concurring.
The central question we face today is: Who decides? No
one doubts that the COVID–19 pandemic has posed chal –
lenges for every American. Or that our state, local, and na-
tional governments all have roles to play in combating the
disease. The only question is whether an administrative
agency in Washington, one charged with overseeing work –
place safety, may mandate the vaccination or regular test-
ing of 84 million people. Or whether, as 27 States before us
submit, that work belongs to state and local governments
across the country and the people’s elected representatives
in Congress. This Court is not a public health authority.
But it is charged with resolving disputes about which au –
thorities possess the power to make the laws that govern us
under the Constitution and the laws of the land.

GORSUCH, J., concurring
I start with this Court’s precedents. There is no question
that state and local authorities possess considerable power
to regulate public health. They enjoy the “general power of
governing,” including all sove reign powers envisioned by
the Constitution and not specifically vested in the federal
government. National Federation of Independent Business
v. Sebelius, 567 U. S. 519, 536 (2012) (opinion of R OBERTS,
C. J.); U. S. Const., Amdt. 10. And in fact, States have pur-
sued a variety of measures in response to the current pan –
demic. E.g., Cal. Dept. of Public Health, All Facilities Let-
ter 21–28.1 (Dec. 27, 2021); see also N. Y. Pub. Health Law
Ann. § 2164 (West 2021).
The federal government’s powers, however, are not gen-
eral but limited and divided. See McCulloch v. Maryland,
4 Wheat. 316, 405 (1819). Not only must the federal gov-
ernment properly invoke a constitutionally enumerated
source of authority to regulate in this area or any other. It
must also act consistently wi th the Constitution’s separa-
tion of powers. And when it comes to that obligation, this
Court has established at least one firm rule: “We expect
Congress to speak clearly” if it wishes to assign to an exec –
utive agency decisions “of vast economic and political sig-
nificance.” Alabama Assn. of Realtors v. Department of
Health and Human Servs., 594 U. S. ___, ___ (2021) (per cu-
riam) (slip op., at 6) (internal quotation marks omitted). We
sometimes call this the major questions doctrine. Gundy v.
United States, 588 U. S. ___, ___ (2019) (G ORSUCH, J., dis-
senting) (slip op., at 20).
OSHA’s mandate fails that doctrine’s test. The agency
claims the power to force 84 million Americans to receive a
vaccine or undergo regular testing. By any measure, that
is a claim of power to resolve a question of vast national
significance. Yet Congress has nowhere clearly assigned so
much power to OSHA. Approximately two years have
passed since this pandemic began; vaccines have been

3 Cite as: 595 U. S. ____ (2022)
GORSUCH, J., concurring
available for more than a year. Over that span, Congress
has adopted several major pieces of legislation aimed at
combating COVID–19. E.g., American Rescue Plan Act of
2021, Pub. L. 117–2, 135 Stat. 4. But Congress has chosen
not to afford OSHA—or any federal agency—the authority
to issue a vaccine mandate. Indeed, a majority of the Sen –
ate even voted to disapprove OSHA’s regulation. See S.J.
Res. 29, 117th Cong., 1st Sess. (2021). It seems, too, that
the agency pursued its regulatory initiative only as a legis-
lative “ ‘work-around.’ ” BST Holdings, L.L.C. v. OSHA, 17
F. 4th 604, 612 (CA5 2021). Far less consequential agency
rules have run afoul of the major questions doctrine. E.g.,
MCI Telecommunications Corp. v. American Telephone &
Telegraph Co., 512 U. S. 218, 231 (1994) (eliminating rate-
filing requirement). It is hard to see how this one does not.
What is OSHA’s reply? It directs us to 29 U. S. C.
§ 655(c)(1). In that statutory subsection, Congress author-
ized OSHA to issue “emergency” regulations upon deter-
mining that “employees are ex posed to grave danger from
exposure to substances or agen ts determined to be toxic or
physically harmful” and “that such emergency standard[s]
[are] necessary to protect employees from such danger[s].”
According to the agency, this provision supplies it with “al-
most unlimited discretion ” to mandate new nationwide
rules in response to the pandemic so long as those rules are
“ reasonably related ” to workplace safety. 86 Fed. Reg.
61402, 61405 (2021) (internal quotation marks omitted).
The Court rightly applies the major questions doctrine
and concludes that this lone statutory subsection does not
clearly authorize OSHA’s mandate. See ante, at 5–6. Sec-
tion 655(c)(1) was not adopted in response to the pandemic,
but some 50 years ago at the time of OSHA’s creation. Since
then, OSHA has relied on it to issue only comparatively
modest rules addressing dangers uniquely prevalent inside
the workplace, like asbestos and rare chemicals. See In re:
MCP No. 165, 20 F. 4th 264, 276 (CA6 2021) (Sutton, C. J.,

GORSUCH, J., concurring
dissenting from denial of initial hearing en banc). As the
agency itself explained to afederal court less than two years
ago, the statute does “not authorize OSHA to issue sweep-
ing health standards” that affect workers’ lives outside the
workplace. Brief for Department of Labor, In re: AFL–CIO,
No. 20–1158, pp. 3, 33 (CADC 2020). Yet that is precisely
what the agency seeks to do now—regulate not just what
happens inside the workplace but induce individuals to un-
dertake a medical procedure that affects their lives outside
the workplace. Historically, such matters have been regu-
lated at the state level by authorities who enjoy broader and
more general governmental powers. Meanwhile, at the fed-
eral level, OSHA arguably is not even the agency most as –
sociated with public health regulation. And in the rare in-
stances when Congress has sought to mandate
vaccinations, it has done so expressly. E.g., 8 U. S. C.
§ 1182(a)(1)(A)(ii). We have nothing like that here.
Why does the major questions doctrine matter? It en-
sures that the national government’s power to make the
laws that govern us remains where Article I of the Consti-
tution says it belongs—with the people’s elected represent-
atives. If administrative agencies seek to regulate the daily
lives and liberties of millions of Americans, the doctrine
says, they must at least be able to trace that power to a clear
grant of authority from Congress.
In this respect, the major questions doctrine is closely re-
lated to what is sometimes called the nondelegation doc-
trine. Indeed, for decades courts have cited the nondelega-
tion doctrine as a reason to apply the major questions
doctrine. E.g., Industrial Union Dept., AFL–CIO v. Ameri-
can Petroleum Institute, 448 U. S. 607, 645 (1980) (plurality
opinion). Both are designed to protect the separation of
powers and ensure that any new laws governing the lives of
Americans are subject to the robust democratic processes
the Constitution demands

5Cite as: 595 U. S. ____ (2022)
GORSUCH, J., concurring
The nondelegation doctrine ensures democratic account-
ability by preventing Congress from intentionally delegat-
ing its legislative powers to unelected officials. Sometimes
lawmakers may be tempted to delegate power to agencies
to “reduc[e] the degree to which they will be held accounta-
ble for unpopular actions.” R. Cass, Delegation Reconsid-
ered: A Delegation Doctrine for the Modern Administrative
State, 40 Harv. J. L. Pub. Pol’y 147, 154 (2017). But the
Constitution imposes some boundaries here. Gundy, 588
U. S., at ___ (G ORSUCH, J., dissenting) (slip op., at 1). If
Congress could hand off all its legislative powers to une-
lected agency officials, it “would dash the whole scheme” of
our Constitution and enable intrusions into the private
lives and freedoms of Americans by bare edict rather than
only with the consent of their elected representatives. De-
partment of Transportation v. Association of American Rail-
roads, 575 U. S. 43, 61 (2015) (A LITO, J., concurring); see
also M. McConnell, The President Who Would Not Be King
326–335 (2020); I. Wurman, Nondelegation at the Found-
ing, 130 Yale L. J. 1490, 1502 (2021).
The major questions doctrine serves a similar function by
guarding against unintentional, oblique, or otherwise un-
likely delegations of the legislative power. Sometimes, Con-
gress passes broadly worded statutes seeking to resolve im-
portant policy questions in a field while leaving an agency
to work out the details of implementation. E.g., King v.
Burwell, 576 U. S. 473, 485–486 (2015). Later, the agency
may seek to exploit some gap, ambiguity, or doubtful ex-
pression in Congress’s statutes to assume responsibilities
far beyond its initial assignment. The major questions doc-
trine guards against this possi bility by recognizing that
Congress does not usually “hide elephants in mouseholes.”
Whitman v. American Trucking Assns., Inc., 531 U. S. 457,
468 (2001). In this way, the doctrine is “a vital check on
expansive and aggressive assertions of executive author-
ity.” United States Telecom Assn . v. FCC, 855 F. 3d 381,

GORSUCH, J., concurring
417 (CADC 2017) (Kavanaugh, J., dissenting from denial of
rehearing en banc); see also N. Richardson, Keeping Big
Cases From Making Bad Law: The Resurgent Major Ques-
tions Doctrine, 49 Conn. L. Rev. 355, 359 (2016).
Whichever the doctrine, the point is the same. Both serve
to prevent “government by bureaucracy supplanting gov –
ernment by the people.” A. Scalia, A Note on the Benzene
Case, American Enterprise Institute, J. on Govt. & Soc.,
July–Aug. 1980, p. 27. And both hold their lessons for to –
day’s case. On the one hand, OSHA claims the power to
issue a nationwide mandate on a major question but cannot
trace its authority to do so to any clear congressional man-
date. On the other hand, if the statutory subsection the
agency cites really did endow OSHA with the power it as –
serts, that law would likely constitute an unconstitutional
delegation of legislative authority. Under OSHA’s reading,
the law would afford it almost unlimited discretion—and
certainly impose no “specific restrictions” that “meaning-
fully constrai[n ]” the agency. Touby v. United States, 500
U. S. 160, 166–167 (1991). OSHA would become little more
than a “roving commission to inquire into evils and upon
discovery correct them.” A. L. A. Schechter Poultry Corp. v.
United States, 295 U. S. 495, 551 (1935) (Cardozo, J., con-
curring). Either way, the point is the same one Chief Jus-
tice Marshall made in 1825: There are some “important
subjects, which must be entirely regulated by the legisla-
ture itself,” and others “of le ss interest, in which a general
provision may be made, and powe r given to [others] to fill
up the details.” Wayman v. Southard, 10 Wheat. 1, 43
(1825). And on no one’s account does this mandate qualify
as some “detail.”
The question before us is not how to respond to the pan-
demic, but who holds the power to do so. The answer is
clear: Under the law as it stands today, that power rests

7 Cite as: 595 U. S. ____ (2022)
GORSUCH, J., concurring
with the States and Congress, not OSHA. In saying this
much, we do not impugn the intentions behind the agency’s
mandate. Instead, we only discharge our duty to enforce
the law’s demands when it comes to the question who may
govern the lives of 84 million Americans. Respecting those
demands may be trying in times of stress. But if this Court
were to abide them only in more tranquil conditions, decla-
rations of emergencies would never end and the liberties
our Constitution’s separation of powers seeks to preserve
would amount to little.

An Unusual Defector informs world more fully of COVID Deception

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SARS-CoV-2 was made in a Chinese military lab. The Third Military Medical University and the Research Institute for Medicine of Nanjing Command discovered a bat coronavirus called ZC45. She’s convinced that ZC45 was used as a template and/or backbone to create SARS-CoV-2

“Today, we continue our discussion of the COVID-19 pandemic and its origin with a fascinating guest who has been a leader exposing the corruption and fraud with respect to the origin of the virus. Li-Meng Yan is both an M.D. and Ph.D., with specific training in coronaviruses. She escaped from China’s influence while in Hong Kong to the United States to warn us of what she believes is a massive cover-up.

Yan went to medical school, followed by a Ph.D. program in ophthalmology. The school where she got her Ph.D. was originally a military medical university, which helps explain some of her personal network. She has contacts in both civilian and military research laboratories and hospitals in mainland China.

After finishing her studies, she decided to pursue research. For two years, she worked in an ophthalmology lab in the University of Hong Kong, where she researched stem cells, drugs and artificial tissue development. She was then invited to join the lab of professor Malik Peiris.

Yan’s husband had worked with him and Peiris was impressed with Yan’s skillset. She jumped at the chance to learn more about emerging infectious diseases. She worked with Peiris for five years, until she escaped to the U.S. in April 2020. “I worked on the influenza virus, universal influenza vaccine development, and then focused on the SARS-CoV-2 after the outbreak,” she says.

At the end of December 2019, Yan’s supervisor, Dr. Leo Poon, who is also an emerging infectious disease expert with the World Health Organization, assigned her to conduct a confidential investigation into a mysterious new pneumonia-like infection.

Colleagues and friends at universities and hospitals around China gave her information, which she forwarded to Peiris and Poon. They did not follow up on it, however, which she says “shows that they want [to] help China to cover it up.”

In January 2020, Poon asked her to look into whether the raccoon dog, a civet cat-like animal, which was a host for the original SARS virus, might also be an intermediary host for SARS-CoV-2. Yan’s research, however, was indicating that the virus did not come from nature. Poon warned her to keep silent or “you will be disappeared.”

According to Yan, SARS-CoV-2 was made in a Chinese military lab. The Third Military Medical University in Chongqing, China, and the Research Institute for Medicine of Nanjing Command in Nanjing, had discovered a bat coronavirus called ZC45. The discovery of ZC45 was published in early 2018.

“If you compare this virus genome and the SARS-CoV-2 virus genome, you will realize [this is the] smoking gun,” Yan says. She’s convinced that ZC45 was used as a template and/or backbone to create SARS-CoV-2.

In mid-May 2020, shortly after she’d left Hong Kong, the journal Nature published a paper1 Yan had co-written, detailing the pathogenesis and transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in golden hamsters. This experiment showed SARS-CoV-2 primarily spreads via aerosol.

In mid-September 2020, Yan published an open access paper2 on Zenodo, in which she and her two co-authors laid out the evidence and their theory for SARS-CoV-2 being manmade.

Almost immediately, four “reviewers” of her work denounced it as being an “opinion” piece that was “flawed” and not scientifically in line with currently accepted knowledge of the origin of the virus. One reviewer3 said, “The manuscript attempts to refute our current understanding of the origins of SARS-CoV-2. Briefly, the consensus is that SARS-CoV-2 is a zoonosis and originated in bats with perhaps an intermediate host before spilling over into humans.”

A year later, in 2021, numerous indicators4,5 show that dismissing the lab leak hypothesis was premature and there is no “consensus” of a zoonosis origin.

Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by The Intercept6 also point directly to a lab origin, so much so that the WHO’s director general, Tedros Ghebreyesus, called for a new investigation into it, writing in the October 13, 2021, edition of the journal Science,7 “A lab accident cannot be ruled out until there is sufficient evidence to do so and those results are openly shared.”

Escape From China

Initially, Yan had released information via an American YouTube blogger that was very popular in China. By the end of April 2020, a colleague warned Yan she was at risk of being “disappeared.” That’s when she decided to flee to the U.S. Luckily, she already had a valid visa. Her husband was deeply opposed to her leaving, as you might imagine. She explains:

“I didn’t know it would happen like [it did]. From January to April [2020], I didn’t tell him what I had done. I tried to protect him, because at that time, in Hong Kong, there were a lot of people fighting against government for democracy and freedom. They can get disappeared easily.

But if their family don’t know what they have done, it’s kind of safe for the family. That’s why I tried to protect him. But when I heard that I need leave, I tried to bring him with me. He’s not Chinese. He’s from Sri Lanka. When I told him, he was outraged, which was really not like him. He warned me, saying ‘We can go nowhere. They are everywhere. We can do nothing.'”

Her husband even threatened to have her killed if she left. The next two weeks were a dangerous time for Yan. Her husband kept her under surveillance, and she developed a sudden heart problem. The day before she left, she went for a checkup. She had a resting heart rate of 130, which is a sign of sinus tachycardia.

Yan suspects foul play, saying the Chinese government prefers to “disappear” people by making it look like a natural death. “Like this virus,” she says. According to Yan, infections and heart attacks are common strategies used to get rid of dissenters. Yan also suspects her husband may have been helping them.

Fortunately, since entering the U.S., the attacks have been relegated to discrediting her and ruining her reputation. “For example, they created thousands of fake accounts on social media, using at least seven languages, to spread [lies about me] and attacks to discredit me,” she says.

According to Yan, this has been verified by FireEye, a cybersecurity company that also does work for American intelligence agencies. Her family, who are in mainland China, friends and even alumni are also under strict surveillance by the Chinese government, she says.


While the whole world denied the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 was manmade for over a year, in recent months, the truth has finally entered the mainstream. A number of reporters have wrestled with excuses, trying to justify or explain away their long-held denials.

“Last year in July, when I was first on Fox News, I told them the WHO and the CCP are corrupted and are in the cover-up together,” Yan says. “At that time, it was a bombshell. Now, most people realize [the virus] is not from nature. That is a very good turning, and I keep helping other people to realize the evidence.

I explain to them the CCP’s style and the evidence. Now, I see that even some mainstream media are starting to talk about the possibility of [it being a] bioweapon. I think it is very encouraging. Because people need to realize that China is using this virus together with their misinformation campaign and propaganda to attack all over the world.”

Who’s Running the Show?

While the Chinese military may be responsible for the physical creation of the virus, there’s ample evidence showing the U.S. funded at least some of the research that resulted in this pandemic.

The flow of money from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the EcoHealth Alliance run by Peter Daszak and the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) is well-documented. Ralph Baric, Ph.D., at the University of North Carolina has also conducted research that appears to have been applied to SARS-CoV-2.

The sequence of events is confusing, however, and it’s unclear just who is the real string-puller in all of this. When asked what her take is, and who she believes might be running the show, Yan replies that even without American funding, China certainly would still have managed to create this virus.

“The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) … they are a giant octopus and they have tentacles. The brain is the CCP. Those scientists, especially the military scientists and coronavirus experts [such as] my previous supervisor, Dr. Malik Pieris, they are the ones that had the real evil ideas.

They enjoy it, and they want to command this knowledge … Even China cannot use their tentacles … if they cannot use infiltration to get your money, they will still manage to get your technology and do it in China. That’s the key point. The money from American taxpayers, it looks a lot. Yes, it’s millions [of dollars]. However, compared to the money donated by the Chinese government, it’s just a very small piece …

They developed this virus and other things in their unrestricted bioweapons program. They want to destroy Americans’ economic and social order, destroy your civilization. [While the virus has attacked worldwide], they always list America as a primary enemy and the biggest problem.

So, when they show you this kind of propaganda, through TikTok and other social media [where Chinese citizens] tell you, ‘Oh, in China we control the outcome and it’s good, and we love our government.’ American people will feel, ‘Yeah, maybe we should give up our democracy and turn to try communism.’ That’s all they want to do.”

Chinese Data Collection

Since the start of the pandemic, it’s been near-impossible to determine how many Chinese have actually been affected. According to Yan, the CCP will only release data that benefits itself.

“Chinese people all know not to trust any data that comes from our government,” she says. “They don’t do statistics. They just sit there. Whatever data they want, they write it down. That’s how they [produce] data.”

According to Yan, the CCP has been using the converse strategy used in the U.S. and elsewhere. Rather than inflate case numbers, they’ve been suppressing them. One way they’ve been doing this is by delaying diagnosis, so deaths are not listed as COVID-19 deaths.

“It’s totally opposite,” she says. “For example, in America, once a person has been diagnosed with COVID, even if they later died of some other problem, they still will be [counted] as a COVID case.

But in China, they can use a ventilator to make the patient survive until the test comes out negative. They have thousands of ways to handle it. Importantly, they also gave early treatment, including hydroxychloroquine and other drugs.”

According to Yan, military scientists in China have also filed a patent to use hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. “That made them earn the top anti-COVID award by Chairman Xi last year,” she says. Hydroxychloroquine is also sold over the counter in China, so it’s easy to get a hold of. She believes part of the reason why the death toll in the U.S. has been so high is because hydroxychloroquine was suppressed and censored.

Is There a Connection Between the COVID Shots and the CCP?

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly been capitalized upon by greedy drug companies, and the suppression of early treatment drugs appears to have been an intentional strategy to make the COVID shot — which is turning out to be extraordinarily hazardous to your health — the only alternative. How does the COVID “vaccine” tie into the theory that SARS-CoV-2 is a CCP bioweapon? Yan says:

CP bioweapon? Yan says:

“Definitely there is a clear connection between the vaccine and the CCP’s strategies … Some people … try to explain that the vaccine will kill people, and therefore it is another bioweapon. But this is not an accurate reason. First China released the virus they developed in the military labs. This virus doesn’t have a high death rate … That’s why I called it an unrestricted bioweapon. It looks like it’s natural occurring.

Once you realize something is wrong, they use misinformation and denial to confuse you. So, when China released it — and China controls the scientific community to spread misinformation, and censored [information] to let people believe it’s come from nature — what will people do?

They will think about drugs, the drugs they already have. The other way is a vaccine, because people are educated to accept a vaccine can end a pandemic.

In this case, useful drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are so cheap. How could they use this to earn huge profits? The CCP also had a lot of stock shares from Pfizer, Moderna and other big pharmaceutical companies. Check the money they put in … And then big pharmaceutical companies, they all say, ‘OK, now we can use this chance to make money.'”

Clearly, many who support and push the COVID shot know full well that they’re bound to cause health problems. Yan herself was asked to work on a COVID vaccine but she declined after looking into the available science. No coronavirus vaccine has ever been released, despite scientists working on it for two decades.

The reason? The vaccines cause too many injuries. They’re lethal. Yan did not believe these problems could be overcome for SARS-CoV-2. Peiris himself discovered antibody-dependent enhancement during efforts to develop a vaccine against the original SARS virus. Still, when money is being thrown at scientists, they’re usually not going to turn it down.

Once you support mandate for two doses, then you have to support for the booster, and then support 60 boosters, 199 boosters. It will be endless. And you’ll be tied into this [social] credit system you built.” ~ Li-Meng Yan

Vaccine Passports Will Usher in a Social Credit System

Of course, the COVID shots and the vaccine passports also fit into the CCP agenda by making the whole world accept and adopt the CCP’s social control system. The vaccine passports are clearly designed to usher in a social credit system like they have in China. And with that, you get 24/7 digital surveillance and an unbelievable amount of control over every single person.

As explained by Yan, in China, the digital surveillance system is so advanced, if your phone GPS shows you were near an infected person, you are automatically ordered into isolation.

What’s more, if parents or grandparents fail to get the COVID shot, the family’s children are barred from school, even if they got the shot. Every aspect of life is linked together through this system, so a poor social credit score will also have financial ramifications, and will dictate if, where and how you’re allowed to travel.

Yan points out that Americans, being unaware of the Chinese surveillance system, don’t understand that by agreeing with vaccine mandates and passports, they are saying yes to a total surveillance system that will dictate their entire lives. They’re also saying yes to being guinea pigs for an endless stream of questionable vaccines.

“Once you support mandate for two doses, then you have to support for the booster, and then support 60 boosters, 199 boosters. It [will be] endless,” she says. “And you’ll be tied into this [social] credit system you built.”

China Wants World Dominance by 2035

According to Yan, China’s goal is to achieve world dominance by 2035. With that aim in mind, they’ve spent decades developing unrestricted bioweapons. With COVID-19, they’re well on their way.

“They want to use all this to overcome the world, and America is their primary enemy,” Yan says. “So we have to stand up for the future, for our next generations. We cannot keep silent. This will be the last chance we have to fight against such communist evil plans, and to save all of us. And, most importantly, we have to all work together to stop the next pandemic or attack that comes out of China …

[Just look at] what’s happening in Hong Kong now. In two years, from 2019 until now, China destroyed the systems of law, democracy and freedom in Hong Kong. They also enacted national security laws. Basically, they own your privacy. They own your freedom, and you are forced to listen to them.
There is no reason they can’t do whatever [they want] to you. Basically, you are a slave living in a modern society. No doubt, once China overcomes America, it will be the same here, and maybe worse because they will have other technology at that time.”

When asked what actions Yan believes we need to take to resist and derail this plan, she says:

“I want Americans to know that, first, adults should realize the evilness of Communism, Maoism, Marxism, no matter what name it changes to … And once you realize that, speak out about it, because they are using propaganda to brainwash people, to brainwash the kids.

Also, you must let your policymakers, legislators, know this. I’m a foreigner, but you are an American citizen. You can vote, so you must let them understand the importance and push them to do something. Don’t believe the Chinese government and don’t give any mercy to the CCP.

Also, you have to update your own system. Study the weakness in your whole system, [the weakness that allows them] to divide America. Once you do all these things, hold them accountable and don’t let them do more. That’s the end of the pandemic.”

You can follow Yan on Twitter for frequent updates and breaking information. Her only authentic Twitter account is @Dr.LiMengYan1.

+ Sources and References are not included in this transcript

As this video and transcript (video not included here) is only available online until ET 8:20pm PDaylightST only this transcript has been downloaded and copied here for your life giving and saving information.
Yours truly, Nemo

Truth About COVID Book



from an Olde Lightworker…

Hello Dear Friend,

Thank you for joining me, it has been quite some time. It may surprise you, as it has even my neighbors, that I still live, some thought I’d already died. Yet, here I am, obligated by my gift of Holy Life to speak at this time, and so it is about the one who came many years ago into my circle of awareness resulting in these many years of one day at a time awakening among the living, even while secretly hoping for death in the midst of tremendous suffering… after all, I no longer could take dictation from my beloved Creator, until today, until I saw what I have copied just below…..

Below what is below is my latest, in many years, dictation from the other side of the Viel! I have not been abandoned! Nor will I abandon he who aided me in saving my own life… nor will I abandon you out of fear for my own well being, however little or great it may be. I thank you with all my heart for your attention, it is not for myself, but for YOU, so you will not be left bereft in this loss…

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TRENDING NEWS How Scientists Muzzled the COVID Lab Origin Data In early 2020, a group of scientists devised a plan to label anything that contradicted the official scientific consensus statement about the origin of SARS-CoV-2 a conspiracy theory. Here’s what we know about that February 1, 2020, phone call between Tony Fauci and the others involved.

He as well as you have touched my life with with compassion and hope in the deepest shadows of my disappearing wellness and in the face of my impending death you have steadied me and served me up LIFE, and it began with this Man, Dr. Mercola….in the kindness of his compassionate organization I found the hope to ask for that which was denied me by Capitalism…now the World is being raped and ravaged and this is not a time when we can any longer watch it happen to those who so authentically have served us, unquestioningly without judgement or argument of our “right, privilege or ability to pay”. Only through Love of a Blessed Human Being needing to minister in every noble way to me…and to you if you wanted to partake….I’ve cried on the phone with Dr. Mercola’s staff at the horrible fascist punishment he is forced to suffer for being a True Blue Believer in the Betterment of Mankind because he knows what works for and against us in ways we laymen can’t know.  We die daily in our own ignorance and lack of knowledge that Dr. Mercola has shared freely with all and will now be silenced in order to save his very right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for his own Family. 

Many of us will be lost to one another due to this evil fear and the depraved politicians who are nothing more than temporary employees voted into office by the “Wisdom of the Crowd”.  Such behavior indicates we all must look more directly at what it is we are really afraid of and if that is Truth, then our Nation has lived out it’s usefulness of an unfinished Democracy hijacked by Capitalism just as the Soviet Union reached the end of their Socialist engineering of Communism, or was it Communist engineering of Socialism, perhaps. 

I don’t believe we are stupid, I do know we are afraid, right now more than ever before in the generations since JFK.  Fascism has swallowed the once thriving and loving Republic we all believed was a Democracy of a type that was striving toward  a More Perfect Union….the opposite has occurred.  For me, it first showed up when Haiti was hit so very hard by an Earthquake….We The People of the United States of America voted to supply Ten Million Dollars (that was before trillions were everyday fantasy) and our part time political employees blocked an additional expenditure of funds to hire a 5 person staff to administer the funds over a one year period.  We didn’t make good, but the money was clearly made off with….now our way of being, of living and our hope is supremely diminished on a level far more deadly and long lasting than any virus, even the Black Death, could achieve.

I am One who believed I was Free because my Country’s leadership swore fealty to that which I drew my nobility, the Constitution of the United States of America, my Country; She was such a Shining Hope in My Heart!

In Mourning and profound Sympathy.

I remain yours in Prayer and Hope,


Now I know why I needed to start using my “Big Girl Name”….

She’s stronger than “Nobody”.

A Little “Jumpy” Lately! Me Too!

I’ve been writing since I got a pencil. I’ve used it to make a living, mostly, writing is a continuous gift to monitor my own inner life’s growth, to winnow through perspectives that are rutted in memorization and not experiential truth. I write seeking the essence of my human experience, to understand how ‘the world’ works and how I can work along with it. I’ve failed miserably, to date for this day. I give all credit for any truth and beauty arising from this screen to my Co-Creators;  my Source and You!

Let us not be too ‘politically correct’, it bears witness to the mass mind manipulation in everything we hear, read and even tell ourselves resulting from immersion in propaganda mastered over scores of years and now censoring and criminalizing the only voices heard among the cries of those who are now as I am.
All The Time.
Hungry most nights.
Anxious as regularly as a clock keeps time.
And waiting for the bombs to fall with each loud bang or small earthquake…

Or am I waiting for the bombs to stop dropping? What am I waiting for? Or waiting to do? And why can’t I see through this dark veil of isolation from reality? Is the Deep State that completely in charge of our Minds?
I’m Afraid!
And I feel Alone!
All I hear when I peek out from under my sick bed is how people condemn each other, verbally rape women and girls and sometimes not just verbally! America killing Americans, in rage, hate, madly insane by ideologies so dark we can only look upon these people and their unbridled violence with horror and shock, as is natural when we are faced with such an H.P. Lovecraft reality.

I’m quite sure we all have PTSD after 18 years under the Neo-Nazi Dark State  and their Corporate Overlords…..then the True Blues showed up as another branch of the neo Nazis of America. At least, that’s what has happened, it is done.  There is no “maybe”. “seems”, “will be”…, it’s already done, and we lost our Constitutional Republic.

Who’s “We”?  YOU and ME!  Who else matters?  The Elite?  Oh, they only matter because they are holding a line against securing  our Planet’s life and ability to support all other life.  Isn’t life left on Earth right now the only Life that matters?  As our Planetary Mother is concerned with the protection of her Children, and her Children with the welfare of their Mother, the Elite cannot be reckoned into our future, in any way, ever again, or all will be a final and eternal loss.

If we continue in the false reality of the Elite, we will not be here to help each other or our Mother Earth mitigate the throes of suffering that is being brought down upon us to the last living being…

Think about it… the real end! And it appears most of us aren’t able to accept the fundamental reality we ALL MUST DIE, we resist the fact we are Mortal.  How can we possibly accept the responsibility to LIVE, if we are already the walking dead?

What I know is, I trust our Youth, like I trusted me and us when we were in their position.  We worked hard, made gains, and got sooo f#%’d up in the mirage, just like always, we forgot our duty to the future.  Not this time, let us rise again, older, maybe even dumber, but willing to surrender our all for the life of our Grandchildren, our Species, for a child of our Future to look upon a Whale, an Elephant, Dolphin, Golden Toad (oops, he was one of the first to go in the 70’s I believe).   Just one child, 1,000 years from now, kissing a Dolphin… because we Fought Back!


Nobody “Staring into the Eye of the Cyclopes”

How to Overcome the Discard Stage of the Narcissistic Abuse Cycle

Some suggestions for a way out of your Narcissists’ Web…they work if you actually implement them. I ask only that you inform yourself.

Dr. Eric Perry’s Blog

By Dr. Perry, PhD

“Here is a new car, a new iPhone. We buy. We discard. We buy again. In recent years, we’ve been doing it faster.” ~Arlie Russell Hochschild

So here you are, in the middle of the aftermath and wreckage. You have been left behind by a cold-hearted narcissist who once intoxicated you with love and admiration. You most likely are feeling confused, hurt, overwhelmed and angry. You bought into the love bombing. You sacrificed life and limb for this relationship. You fell for the elaborately executed scheme of your narcissistic wounder. And still, you may be unsure if you are making the right decision to leave this person behind. The discard stage is the period where the narcissist has idealized, devalued and is now in the process of discarding or throwing you away. This stage of the narcissistic cycle can be a painful reality check for anyone on the…

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My long awaited Guest Poet, RonaldO.

Will you be with me…

…every morning of the first sunlight and the darkness of the evening twilight….

Will you be there for me…

…when miles separate us and you miss the gentle touch and my voice telling you ‘good night’?

Will you stay with me…

…when we don’t see eye to eye and there are no answers to questions of your heart?

Will you stand beside me…

…if I stumble and can’t seem to find my way back?

Will you be strong for me…

…when you hear my last sigh of breath and see the light fade from my eyes…

And …will you look for me…

…when nothing holds you to the Earth except the feeling of Love that you had for me?


copyright 2017 All rights reserved. RonaldO.

Please, allow me to interpret…

Dear Reader,

This is offered to you “after the events”, it’s the only way it makes sense without a thousand pages  I don’t want to write!  It’s my thinking in a Global nightmare ever- present in wakefulness and dream.  We are walking within our “collective conscious and unconscious” …there be monsters here!  Release your judgement, Be kind; for we’re all afraid and battle weary and I don’t know why we have to be?  Do you?


These are the facts I’ve gleaned with the history I’ve lived.  We only can reason well with Peace and Love guiding us, sometimes we discover that Peace and Love have been usurped.

Place: the USA, another Federal Presidential election  That’s the circumstance.  It’s volatile.  As an American I feel the weight of my full-life membership in this Country, in the wonderful life I thought I was living; my spring-board for discovery of all things in all places made possible by being a United States Citizen.  No Citizens have enjoyed Freedom and Prosperity as well since Roman Citizenry.  I have always thought to be proud of that and act in accordance in representing such a noble Land.

I and you have been only slow boiled Lobsters. The establishments of Society’s systems have allowed a Democratic Political Process to boil us alive.

The feigned and real distractions of pondering a new Century and the marvelous progress in technology and Democracy became fertile soil sowed into fruiting  Nationalism. An 8 Billion Dollar Fake National and Local News Campaign implemented by the Bush/Cheney Cartel.  The financiers are rumored the paymasters loot from stolen Nazi gold, in other words deep pockets!  Introducing an agenda of power over us  through a shadow system of the ruling élite families paying premium to legitimize a Supreme Court of the United States’ Presidential Appointment.  An act so far outside that Court’s purview it still makes me shiver!  But we “bought it”!  Didn’t we?  Y2K! Voila!

The Neocons New War Order mongers took over D.C. and everything else from school boards to Governors in each State.  The New Age Right gave us the Neocon New War Order at a crux in history of their own making.  Choreographing  their own 21st Century American Reichstag; The attack of September 11th, 2001. New York, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon… with Baby George sitting in an elementary class, a whisper in his ear bringing little response, at least from an American President. Holding a children’s book upside down?? Or was that another photo-op gone wrong?

The Turn of the 20th Century brought us a picture of the Soul of the ruling élite of America….Jim CrowOur own “Turn of The 21st Century” brought us the American Fascist Coup.

The People of the World began to boil like Lobsters in the pot.  And our United States became deeper and deeper entrenched in propaganda and censorship.   The Supreme Court of the United States gave us a riveting distraction and kept “us Rabble” unswervingly in “our places”.  After all, that won’t be too difficult with all the Propaganda and censorship (Fake news, etc.) creating another passion of the ‘mindless Rabble‘, a sense of  “Nationalism”.  By our nodding of semi consent (or our heads in prayer) the Supreme Court was obeyed. By the power of their august positions and Our brain-washed admiration. Certainly Gore’s anyway.  He walked away though he won the Country’s majority vote. The Supreme Court threw out the sacred goal of the Constitution, threw out the Holy Spirit of Men’s Self Rule.

That’s my experience as a cognitive Adult American.  What the above and volumes more accomplished was implementing Fascism within the United States Government calling it ‘THE PATRIOT ACT’… creating a new and powerful trajectory of descent into a Totalitarian Corporate/Fascist State.  The Patriot Act being the ‘Engagement Announcements’ (to those who could interpret the language) of the Presidency, Congress, Neocon Capitalist Fascists and the highest Seat of Justice in the World for Americans, the United States Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court continued to thank the Bush/Cheney mob, the ‘far seeing US Congress’ and the Capitalist Totalitarians by granting them greater freedoms than any other Citizens in America! In depraved indifference of We The People, all Three Branches of our Government; Judicial, Executive and Congressional, failed us and our Constitution and immediately went into hyper drive implementing the now legal will of our new Corporate Citizens’ Bottom Lines.  They gave us a President who finally sold the entire Country commercial “health care”… Insurance! for God’s sake!  By the way, anyone notice that insurance is not health care?   Imagine that!  I mean, yes I’d give a little chuckle on The Hill when they all got together jabbering about their shoe size or “the Rabble”, especially.  One joke never got a chuckle from this working class person…”they want to cover maternity and work injuries through insurance companies?  LOL  We make it law they have to buy it!  Then everyone will have it! Done!” And that was the 70’s, my Friends.   Between Citizens United and Global Corporate Trade Cartels…..Corporations are legally and literally the ONLY CITIZENS OF ANY AUTHORITY LEFT IN AMERICA!

I expect argument over that statement, abused children will go to any length to protect their abusive ‘Care’ Giver. We need to think about that in ourselves and others, be compassionate.  Still, I suspect everyone on the Planet is living in some Totalitarian engineered society built on lies leaving us all on some level of awareness we are in Denial of the Truth.  The Truth being what we are not told and not allowed to question in the face of what we know and value as righteous Americans!

We’d best start ‘QUESTIONING AUTHORITY’ again.  Everyone’s, and most importantly, our Own Authority needs some attention, don’t you think?

There are so many damn boundaries now, we can’t take a step without stomping on what somebody else thinks is their own.

My Aunt Jane said it best.  I had some time with her in Houston before she died.  On her death bead she said “…the only things that matter in life is God and Family.  Mine, yours, ours…



JD Adam

I’d like to think Jefferson would have approved, my observations if not my writing!

copyright 2/5/18  all rights reserved…I’ll get around to the fancy stuff later, editing wears me out!  Yes, I edited it until I can’t see any more, okay then! My poetry is better, it’s a lot easier, anyway!  Come back next time.  I’ve a doozy of a guest Poet’s work coming in!  …later.  🙂






Beloved Poet…

What makes you think you must write only in solitude?

To pen words you’ve learned as you sit with Me and we compose together, only in that time; uninterrupted, cocooned in the stillness of our Peace alone?

It is another time now – the Forces of Life and Death are in hot battle and Spirit cannot be Still!

Nor are you or any of my Beloved now free of the pain you feel when ripped from our Communion in the Art We create…

Have I yet betrayed you and not kissed your Mother this day?  Has She not nourished you from my loving kiss?

Think of those who have yet to know Me in Stillness!  Weep for them, not for yourself…remember, it is for them that you are all I’ve made you!

Sit, Poet, and write with Me while you can; fear not that one word or line will be lost, for have I not always finished what I have placed in you?

Remember Me First, for I share all Creation with you, who Creates with Me. And I will complete in you all I have made you to be!

Poet, Write! …in the bosom of your Mother – in the care of the Universe!


Copyright © 2014 by JD Adam in dedication to my Healers.

All rights retained by Author. The Prodigal Poet may be freely copied and freely  distributed without request as long as this copyright notice remains in place.