Time To Get Apocalyptic: Why Radical Is The New Normal

“Technological fundamentalism—the quasi-religious belief that the use of advanced technology is always appropriate, and that any problems caused by the unintended consequences can be remedied by more technology—is as empty a promise as other fundamentalisms.” Robert Jensen, Professor of Journalism, University of Texas

The Oldspeak Journal

A protest in support of Tim DeChristopher, Bidder 70, in February, 2011.

Oldspeak: “When people believe injustice is necessary to maintain their material comfort, some accept those conditions without complaint.” –Robert Jensen. This for me is the crux of the problem facing our civilization. Our ecocidal and reality-detached attachment to maintaining material comfort at all costs.  It is just as Professor Jensen said: “The task for those with critical sensibilities is not just to resist oppressive social norms and illegitimate authority… to speak a simple truth that almost no one wants to acknowledge: The high-energy/high-technology life of affluent societies is a dead end.” How do people with critical sensibilities get those engaging the dysfunctional denial; pill popping, conspicuous consumption & positivity peddling that our dominant culture is enveloping us in to deal with the reality that bigger is not  better. That greed is not good. That ever “MORE” is not sustainable.  To recognize and accept…

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An American Girl

Today is Memorial Day, to salute our fallen so...
Today is Memorial Day, to salute our fallen soldiers from all wars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An American Girl

It’s better.

It doesn’t hurt so much to see it now.

It is better…

as it waves– hello– goodbye.

Moving… always in motion,

here… where the incessant wind blows.

It will never mean all it once did to me

when it was hurled high, unfurling as it rose.

I, standing at attention, my little hand raised in salute.

My heart racing, quietly screaming,

“I’m free, see, I’m free!

It is better,

constantly moving on the wind.

My heart aches less at the shame we’ve allowed;

as the one time symbol of my and the world’s

personal freedom hope and pride dances with the wind.

Changed; I now know that only a People

can make a little girl’s heart move

to salute and cry out, “See, see my Flag?!  See?!  I’m Free!  I’m Free!”

Only a People who are not blown by any wind.

Only a People ever vigilant of little girls’ freedoms…..

Copyright  2008 by JD Adam
All rights retained by Author.  An American Girl may be freely copied and freely distributed without request as long as this copyright notice remains in place.



I Watched The Man In The Tree

I watched the man in the tree.  Bringing back memories of so much of my youth spent hugging tree trunks and branches or twigs in the joy of the flight of squirrels.  He was good, very good.  A grown man, mature, strong and large, securing himself in harness and rope, easily moving through the tree.  The Tree, who had become a threat by giving forth what it was born at the beginning of the Earth to give; beauty, shade, abundance!

Such abundance is prohibited in small slum-urban and slum-burban areas of man’s domiciles.  The land already terra-formed into submission with little (or big) boxes and walls and roofs and floors and unimaginable accommodations inside.  At least unimaginable for a wild child like me.  I was 8 before seeing an indoor toilet.  The artificial water flow frightened the wits out of me!  Not half so frightening as the thought of a chamber pot whose contents couldn’t be properly disposed of!  I still wonder if we’ve really gotten away with that.

In this little slum-burbia there are underground water pipes and sewer lines; cables and power lines with concrete driveways to keep cars out of the mud and dust and more concrete sidewalks with curbs on the street with more concrete wrapped closely around to the front and side doors to keep indoor floors clean, or ease of movement as we roll our carefully placed waste in bins onto the street to be anonymously removed by big noisy trucks and people who we may never see or think of.  I think of them, I remember when we had little waste that came from anything other than old cars and cast iron kitchen ware or tools.  Most of our waste was treated by lie or burned in a bonfire, all else was useful.

Nothing not man made is of use in these places.  Even trees.  Yet I watched him, the man in the tree, how easily and gracefully he moved in the branches, carefully manipulating his tool rope and himself in harness.  How he, being the one who would deny the tree her bounty, her gift to us for a life we could not imagine, only buy, touched her gently, coaxing the permission to bring the loud power saw down one branch, then another, how he let the tree tell him which branches could be cut without devastation to her, at what height the cruel saw could cut in this slum-burbian “maintenance” ritual.  Somehow, the tree and I knew that she would one day be cut down, no matter how well and beautifully she grew, no matter the abundance of her soft shade and fragrance.  Like so many others up and down the manicured yet meager street, she too would be destroyed, disregarded with less consciousness than the garbage men.  Not by me.  I accepted her fate, living in her world and theirs, I knew this would give us more time together, even maimed and retarded she was beautiful!

It will be time soon for my little postage stamp yard to relinquish the right of its trees’ growth, and I really want the man who can talk to trees to help them, and me through…

If The Oceans Die – We Die

Come out of your caves for Mother’s Day!

The Oldspeak Journal

View from the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, situated at 11,135 feet above sea level.

Oldspeak: “As the world’s oceans absorb more and more CO2, they become more and more acidic, and, according to a new study released yesterday by the Norwegian Institute for Water Research at the International Conference on Arctic Ocean Acidification, the rapid acidification of the Arctic Ocean has pushed us beyond “critical thresholds.” It’s likely, they say, that widespread impacts will be felt across the world’s oceans for “tens of thousands of years” – even if we stopped all carbon emissions today.” –Thom Hartmann.” It’s really that simple. There is no more wiggle room. We are all Nero’s Guests. Laughing, smiling, partying, consuming, instagraming, facebooking, tweeting, while our planet burns and dies around us. Global CO2 levels are approaching 400 parts per million, way beyond the 350 recommended by climate scientists to ensure our continued existence. We have to stop polishing the brass on The…

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Marijuana Legalization Bills: Colorado Lawmakers Pass Historic Legal Weed Regulation, Tax Bills

We are so trained to think that if we “legalize” pot, gay marriage, abortion, then everything will be alright, fair and equal. It’s time we realize that “legalization” is the same Governmental trap as “illigalization”. What must be done is “De-Criminalization”, not withstanding Monsanto, Wall Street and the AMA, no one has any business involved in legislating our personal choices about what weeds we smoke, use as medicine, etc., or who our dependents are in domestic union, or how a woman, her Doctor and family choose to handle their family planning. But then they’d have to give up, what? A half million or more prison inmates, domestic partners wouldn’t be questioned on sexual preference or the legitimacy of their children, and women wouldn’t be persecuted and abused for family planning. What a concept!
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Another Government Is Necessary: The People Can Rule Better Than the Elites

Ahhh…. State the facts…….pass on the rhetoric on the way to………..SOLUTIONS!!!

The Oldspeak Journal

Oldspeak: “Transformation requires a combination of education about solutions, resistance to stop policies or projects that are causing harm, and working together to create solutions to our urgent crises.  One of the greatest obstacles to change in the United States is the Democratic Party. While it is true that the Wall Street agenda of the Republican Party is dangerous, the Democratic Party is even more dangerous because it can act on the same agenda without much more than a whimper by many of those who would protest if the Republicans did the same thing. Fortunately, more people are opening their eyes to the duopoly… This is the US managed democracy: a system that only allows the election of corporate duopoly candidates backed by great wealth. The current system is designed to exclude third-party candidates and low-income and minority voters. And the system is designed to hinder building the…

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