Time to Nationalize the Federal Government

I always look forward the this blogger’s “Rant” and this one is excellent in covering the meaning and importance of We The People holding our own Commons through our own Government. Pointing out how Privatization has disenfranchised the People who pay exceeding amounts of tax dollars and loss of our American Culture from Corporate take over of our Commons.

AZModerate Rants

The title of this rant is not as snarky as it would appear. Over the past 30 years since the reign of Ronald of Reagan the first, there has been a concerted effort from the business community to “privatize” numerous traditional government services and resources. This effort of course has a lot of money behind it from billionaires such as the Koch brothers through their front organizations such as the Heritage Foundation, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Freedom Works to name but a few. It’s quite simple, take something that is part of or is ran by the government, take control of it and earn a profit from it because it is still a needed service. What’s more, not only have they privatized these resources and services, they’ve done so via a monopoly. Thus, they are the only game in town. This isn’t capitalism because no free market exists. It…

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