…just me, reflecting in the Mirror of Mankind…

Our Hearts are broken, every day in every way. We bury Loved One’s nearly every minute, or is it seconds? We mourn and cry out to a fouled sky for them to REST IN PEACE, as we know they and we know no PEACE in Living.

Six thousand years of recorded Human history, endless wars, now Global; no one person has known life without war and enslavement.

What can we report to the God of our understanding? Can we be expected to know Heaven or to know Peace, to know Love just because we do what all physical life does, die? I fear and believe not. Is that alone not the greatest of our unnamed Sorrows and Mortal Fears?

There is nor can there be a Heaven Here-after when what we call Eternal in ourselves knows nothing but hate and fear in the Here and Now.

Well, it’s done. There is no life on Earth that has or is able to escape the tentacles of enslavement and death to what we call these days “the elite”. The whole of our World is filled with catastrophic loss and hopelessness.

Since the first days of Patriarchs and Pharisees Homo Sapiens (that’s us and all who came before, my Friends) have been trained to view Warlords as god’s messengers on Earth; for who among Us are willing murderers of men simply to gain wealth? Only in the violence of unnecessary murder we are and have always been rendered enslaved and forced to lay our personal Fealty at their feet. Willingly or not accepting whatever punishment or correction our ‘elite’ see fit in satisfying their megalomaniacal whims…just because they can.

Tens of thousands of our Generations have done nothing but dig our own graves in our daily Labour. On the following day, fill it up again…just to dig it up the next.

Many of Us see this truth. We who do have a greater purpose than digging our own graves filling them with our loved ones felled by murder and violence. Do you see your prison and theirs, while hoping there is Peace in Death?

As long as one Warlord elite and one bomb exists we will remain without hope even as now we see there never was hope in the ‘elite’ and their bombs, just blindness and fear. Especially today, when the Light shines showing how very very filthy the elite made us. Only the washing of Truth and Freedom can cleanse Us.

Do you see in this current Light? When you see, you must end War and Slavery if for no other reason than for those we have been forced to lay in the graves we’ve dug for ourselves.

For Freedom not known is still FREEDOM, and a Slave that sees the Light can begin to imagine…. Now let us imagine TOGETHER in these Living Generations!

For ‘known’ or not, ‘remembered’ or not, there is no trap a Human discovers that is inescapable once we find an ally!

FREEDOM to Live and be Alive is inevitable within our imagination made manifest as a Whole People!

With compassionate respect,

‘nobody’ living on the Isle of Cyclops

Originally published on Medium