It’s a long search for truth and security; on the way I found HoxxVPN

Hi Friends,

Well, this is a first and by sharing this with you we all will benefit, it’s called “Cooperation”, one of the five elemental conditions which must be maintained for life on Earth, Human life as well as all other life.

We’re use to everything lightening fast and we are unaccustomed to personal user support except when things don’t work as described.  Well,  HoxxVPN has turned the tables back to ‘doing business’ the old fashion way!

Brief caveat, it’s hard to get around censorship in the developed and under developed Nations, sometimes what’s most import for us to know and apply to our treasure trove of hard sought truth is only found where you aren’t able to look.  That is the most egregious non-violent offense against conscious, sentient Human beings.  Forever monetizing information, music and art was never intended to be life long let alone generational; news mediums were to immediately fall into our Commons.  Now we are at a critical time, it’s a long road yet for us and it will be more imperative for us to gain truthful information and stay safe and secure in our own homes.  This is one step, and an important one I took towards that goal in my own life.  I’ve used HoxxVPN for  a month and found some stunning information and entertainment I’d never dreamed possible.  If you want to add security and availability to your internet life, check them out and I hope you will be as pleased as I am with HoxxVPN.

Oh, PS HoxxVPN will give me a 3 month subscription of their premium service for writing this referral.  I told them I didn’t think I could afford to pay the service after the 3 months; they assured me that I would automatically be returned to my free account.  Why did I believe them?

See below! This is how I got treated for adding HOXX VPN free app on Firefox….  I was taken aback!



Dear JD Adam,

thanks for registering new hoxx account. I would like to ask you if I can help you with anything? I am your Account Manager. Do you have any problems? Suggestions or simply want to say thank you? Please reply to this email.

Do not miss the opportunity and use Hoxx VPN.

Onur Taskin

My Reply…

Oh Wow! I love that I can reply and thank you so very much for this service! I’m ‘nobody’ living on the Isle of Cyclops and I’m really po…  blah blah! That’s why I’m unable to contribute with the “Coin of the Realm”, I will when I get an extra bit, I will indeed!

Your service enables me to receive information that is reliable concerning global right down to next door news and information that I can not without your free service. Oh, I do hope to “upgrade”! This information, though I’m olde and poor, enables me to be informed and share important, let”s face it, survival information with others…..

I’ve dreamed of the “internet” since my early twenties, from the perspective of a writer…..imagining all the wealth of human knowledge at fingertip! It was like getting stoned thinking about it! Now we have it and its getting eaten up by frightened Globalists. So yes, I want to THANK YOU!

‘nobody’ living on the Isle of Cyclops
(i did say i was a writer 🙂 sometimes even ‘verbose’)

My account reps’s Reply…





Onur Taskin (

Jul 30, 20:33 CEST


thanks again. Would you consider rating our service at chrome/mozilla extensions website please?

If you are using Chrome :

All you need to do is go to and go to “Opinions” tab and click to Rate button. You will need a valid google account in order to do this.

If you are using FireFox :

Please open then login and put your review

We are welcome for any kind of thankful sentences, feature requests or even critics.


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‘nobody’ living on the Isle of Cyclops

ALERTALERT! Avert a Tragic Loss – Developers Seeking our Local Honey Farm –

ALERT! Avert a Tragic Loss – Developers Seeking our Local Honey Farm –

This appeared in our Next Door feed, in South Napa County- a very at risk Corporate greed community, most EIR’s and other requirements are waived and we are loosing grocery stores but have a full sized Walmart who sued to get in… oh, and a new very Gentry style Farmer’s Market that’s quite high priced….lots of working poor and olders like me on minimal SS….County just increased our sales tax even though we voted down the Corporate Prison they wanted to build with it. But the Bees, well YOU KNOW WHAT BEES DO! We can’t let them be destroyed. Mr Marshall’s Bee Farm has educated children and adults throughout the years and supplied all the surrounding community with wonderful delicious honey plus the propagation of our own home and community gardens! Which we are attempting to form a co-op to make sure everyone here is fed.

Thank you for any attention you pay to this situation.  You can tweet me with your knowledge, wisdom and suggestions and even hands on help, or dm your email or a request for mine and I will contact you; also you may write Mr. Marshall, his address appears below in Marc’s post…we are babies at this, but the Bees deserve our every effort, they’ve ever given us theirs!!!…Thanks again!

JD Adam

Marc North from Cookie Hill

The purpose of my post is let folks that have genuine interest and commitment to preserving an ecological and agricultural gem in southern Napa County (west side of Highway 29 in American Canyon). I speak of Marshall’s (Honey) – Beehive Farm.

My hope in getting this word out to as many people as I can is to avert a tragic loss.

Spencer Marshall, now in his 70s, is seeking to retire after 40-plus years harvesting honey from his bees. His vision is to sell this farm to someone or an entity that is committed to the continuation of raising bees and the production of honey integrated with other based endeavors that are respectful and mindful of the natural, ecological system that currently exists on the 4.5 acres.

As you know, the world-wide bee population is being decimated at an alarming rate due to a myriad of ecological threats that is impacting agricultural production and environmental health. Local bees are crucial.

Spencer Marshall wishes to retire and needs to sell the farm. Asian real estate speculators as well as local developers are seeking to obtain his property, raze the farm in order to build apartments, condos, thereby further encasing the land in more concrete and steel. He has received a number of offers, but is holding out for a purchaser that shares his vision, which is to preserve the farm. His experienced bee keepers / farmers are committed to remaining on.

With Spencer Marshall’s permission and urging, I am getting the word out to those that are interested in averting a tragic loss and make known the opportunity to invest in the preservation of this land, the crucial bee hive(s) population, the honey production, and the ecological system that thrives at this location.

Quite frankly, he told me that he just doesn’t have the network to reach potential philanthropic resources, investors, or organizations that would be interested in securing this as a working honey farm site and place of education as he has and does.

Spencer welcomes direct contact from those that are interested in purchasing this parcel that share his vision.

Spencer Marshall can be reached at his farm, 159 Lombard Rd., American Canyon,

I pray that there is some way to see this vision through to fruition and not let it fall into the hands of real estate developers that see this strictly as a location of land for financial exploitation by building on it.

I hope there is a partnership that might be discovered somewhere and soon, forged between investors and farmers.

Best regards,

Marc N.

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Posted by JD Adam

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