“…I am so very glad to meet you…”

They recommend that I tell you something about myself, intimating that you may find what I write of  more interest.  I honor the right of every reader the full use of our escape and delete keys!

I have been and am many things, including being extremely curious as to others’ trans-formative experiences.  First I am an insatiable bibliophile.  Have been since the first time I held a book in my hands!   Then they gave me a clean sheet of paper and a pencil, thus setting the medium of my art and the limits of my language! Smile.

Primarily I write poetry.   Some poets commit every word penned to tongue’s tip.  That’s not me.  It isn’t in the words I speak that the communication exists; it is in the crafted, written word.  It is the sacred and shared communion of self and Divine through intelligence.  It is in the reading of a poet’s inspired work that everyone, at once and alone, can glimpse something inside of themselves. a shared truth; a  “Human Condition” in which the Poet extols a visitation upon our Souls.  A condition individual and collective opening  our human hearts, minds… our very souls, spurring us on to wholeness and community; to Truth and Beauty.  Above all fortune and glory we require truth and beauty… we require Love.

I, of course, welcome this medium to share my poetry, but that’s not my only motive in writing this blog.  It is Post Supreme Court Coup America (the Fascist have moved us into a daunting foreboding through this trick of Law…called  “Citizens’ United”).  Our individual and collective actions today and each coming day will certainly be felt throughout the rest of Human History.  We are bringing about a world order that has only been dreamed of by good and ill, in bits and pieces throughout our modern history.

Most of us are lost in a maze of unreliable misinformation and that’s why I’m continuing the blog.  I’m learning, and time is precious.  If you read anything I post here, please keep that in mind and be kind.  Your courage and the courage of other truth tellers compel me to solidarity and what progressive action I am capable.

As I ponder this new adventure with you, I am humbled that one would give any attention to my words, the fact that you have is an amazement and transforms my experience of myself.  Thank you, for  our relationship is The Noise Needed in the Silence of  Creation.  I have lightly edited this post on this date of November 16th, 2021, in the full horror of the reality which I first penned it, now so much more desperate than minds could have envisioned way back in 2007.  My deepest sympathies for the loss of  hope and America the Beautiful, not just for all who abide here, but for the hope lost to the whole world.  May our once brightly dreamed reality find solace and growth again, if not here, then hear, in our voices.

With deep, abiding respect and continuing Service.


I offer you the following…


Revolutions have always depended on us.

Early years filled with passion, indignation….pain and conflict…

left only to the pen.  Left only to our Lonely Pen…

We, being strung up from the inside out;

needing, desperately needing, to be heard, to sound our voice!

Yet, now, there’s a REVOLUTION or two to our credit,

Did it matter it was in our own kitchen or bedroom.. or club hall?

It was a REAL REVOLUTION, surprising all at ground zero and beyond!

Did we find ourselves unwelcome, without comrades to comfort us?

Once again left only to our pen, our lonely pen….

Do we, the living poets, find our only comfort and future

in  our pen, our constant companion and treasured Friend?

Oh, I think it is time for another REVOLUTION…

Let’s go bother the world, this Day!

With our Pens!

For REVOLUTIONS have always depended on Poets……

©2007 JD Adam

All rights retained by Author. REVOLUTIONS may be freely copied and freely  distributed without request I only ask you paste this notice when you share. Thank you, my Friend…

I look forward to your comments.

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