Bathing in Starlight

So often in darkness we look only down, struggling to see a path that we cannot.

                Seeking to light our way, yet only bearing enough light for the next step,

                our candle flickers showing us mysterious images that frighten us.

No matter the times we have trod a path, the darkness is most memorable,

                our small light the most treasured… the path itself, almost, if not completely,

                forgotten within our dark journey…

We come to a time when we no longer can run barefoot on Earth in darkness.

                No longer are we able to flow into all that we are, we know, we sense…

                No longer is our Mother our protector – our Nature…

We Stumble and find we have been injured, by our own darkness, our ig-norance.

                We have forgotten…

Until! we look up, in pain and fear, in anguish; forgetting it is ourselves who have

                done the harm, ourselves that are no longer listening, no longer Hoping…

Until…we look up!…and a small brilliant light bursts into our consciousness,

                startling us out of ourselves…and we stare sensing a comfort the mind

                hardly fathoms, nor can immediately define.

For it is an ancient Love woven into the DNA of countless Ancestors and into us.

A Star shimmering in the blackness of Heaven, resounding in our Souls.

                The immensity of its meaning floods us with well-being, with the profound truth

                that is Hope, Home, Help.

Falling backwards in surprise, lying prone in awe we stare;

the anger, fear and disappointment of the years fade

as our being is engulfed by the light of this Star, this Light in the midst of our darkest night!

If we stay there long enough we can remember… remember its meaning, some of it anyway.

                That Star, our Evening Star, the stalwart of all Hope for us in darkness.

                Holding the Great Mystery that Religions cannot impart, for only the living can hold Hope!

Authentic, unconditional, ever-present this Star shines… filling our beings

                with acceptance, forgiveness, lighting a direction upon a path to trod into the future…

                in trust and love and aliveness till the next journey…

Our Evening Star, bringing us back to ourselves, to our purpose,

                to those who still run free on Mother, fearing no obstacle in the dark,

                for all that they are is Light…

                …and we fall deeply, hopelessly and unconditionally in Love again…

                loving them as we were once Loved.

Bathing in Starlight we may, if we stay long enough, find our Path again…

                the path that is well lighted never mind the dimness of our years or our eyes.

Our Souls will remember what too few Souls can in darkness, looking down.

Evening Star, a nom de plume, my Star nevertheless…

                In the miracle of our meeting I’ve bathed in this light, and stayed

                long enough to remember…

It is he and all his generation that my love, commitment and labour

               has been spent!

Though I know my own generation has forgotten how to run free on Mother

              in the darkness, they have not.

              In that truth lies all my Love, Hope and Future.

If I will but stay true to my purpose and the Hope remembered…

              while bathing in Starlight.

©2013/6/20 by JD Adam

All rights retained by Author.  Bathing In Starlight may be freely copied and freely  distributed without request as long as this copyright notice remains in place.

I look forward to your comments.

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