Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven

Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven

I sense my exile is soon over.  Already I can feel and see myself

in communion with the whole of God, the Universe!


My heart finally has turned back to me, back to God;

to the exquisite place of being all, whole and free.

I smell Freedom!

I recall the fragrance of the movement of the Cosmos;

like me, the stuff of God, the One,

that which was not known and made known

by exploding into existence, into majesty of being

and into “me”.

This human condition, a most peculiar manifestation; isolating,

isolated, alone in separateness like nothing else on

this remarkable World; alive as I am, and as I will be…

not again as such a species as human.

Our time is soon done.

All will be reconciled and humans will be no more – in Time.

Earth, as we call this part of God, will no longer

abide the destruction to Her existence and

all that she brought forth, including us.

She must rid herself of the horrors of the human race

in order to survive, as must I.

There will be generations, but not many, and none I wish

to return to.  I must end well, true and according to

the nature of my species and my Soul.

Oh, I’ve always longed to return, and now I taste the

succulence of solar winds – cosmic radiation waves

that draw me back to the beginning of the Universe,

the point of all in one.

Returning to the womb of the beginning of time,

before we wanted to Know “Ourselves”,

when we only knew it “All”!

Only humans separate themselves from God.  Our language alone

requires it; us and them; me and you or they ; “We”;

a funny way to bridge into the oneness of ourselves;

we fail miserably.

The World in Her entirety stands as testament to our

species’ determination to destroy all.  Yet again,

our Mother, she that was and is eternally impregnated,

must destroy that race who so violently uses her –

and one another.

She will begat another, and that, too, I shall not return to.

This is it, just until I can lay down this “matter”,

just end well.  How simple to end well.  Acceptance,

detachment, all leading to fulfillment – to Oneness.

Nevertheless, it is only in the darkness of my human soul

the light of my great I Am is visible.

And so I shall find Heaven… anew in NOW!

Copyright © 2013 by JD Adam in dedication to my Healers.

All rights retained by Author. Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven may be freely copied and freely  distributed without request as long as this copyright notice remains in place.


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