Please, allow me to interpret…

Dear Reader,

This is offered to you “after the events”, it’s the only way it makes sense without a thousand pages  I don’t want to write!  It’s my thinking in a Global nightmare ever- present in wakefulness and dream.  We are walking within our “collective conscious and unconscious” …there be monsters here!  Release your judgement, Be kind; for we’re all afraid and battle weary and I don’t know why we have to be?  Do you?


These are the facts I’ve gleaned with the history I’ve lived.  We only can reason well with Peace and Love guiding us, sometimes we discover that Peace and Love have been usurped.

Place: the USA, another Federal Presidential election  That’s the circumstance.  It’s volatile.  As an American I feel the weight of my full-life membership in this Country, in the wonderful life I thought I was living; my spring-board for discovery of all things in all places made possible by being a United States Citizen.  No Citizens have enjoyed Freedom and Prosperity as well since Roman Citizenry.  I have always thought to be proud of that and act in accordance in representing such a noble Land.

I and you have been only slow boiled Lobsters. The establishments of Society’s systems have allowed a Democratic Political Process to boil us alive.

The feigned and real distractions of pondering a new Century and the marvelous progress in technology and Democracy became fertile soil sowed into fruiting  Nationalism. An 8 Billion Dollar Fake National and Local News Campaign implemented by the Bush/Cheney Cartel.  The financiers are rumored the paymasters loot from stolen Nazi gold, in other words deep pockets!  Introducing an agenda of power over us  through a shadow system of the ruling élite families paying premium to legitimize a Supreme Court of the United States’ Presidential Appointment.  An act so far outside that Court’s purview it still makes me shiver!  But we “bought it”!  Didn’t we?  Y2K! Voila!

The Neocons New War Order mongers took over D.C. and everything else from school boards to Governors in each State.  The New Age Right gave us the Neocon New War Order at a crux in history of their own making.  Choreographing  their own 21st Century American Reichstag; The attack of September 11th, 2001. New York, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon… with Baby George sitting in an elementary class, a whisper in his ear bringing little response, at least from an American President. Holding a children’s book upside down?? Or was that another photo-op gone wrong?

The Turn of the 20th Century brought us a picture of the Soul of the ruling élite of America….Jim CrowOur own “Turn of The 21st Century” brought us the American Fascist Coup.

The People of the World began to boil like Lobsters in the pot.  And our United States became deeper and deeper entrenched in propaganda and censorship.   The Supreme Court of the United States gave us a riveting distraction and kept “us Rabble” unswervingly in “our places”.  After all, that won’t be too difficult with all the Propaganda and censorship (Fake news, etc.) creating another passion of the ‘mindless Rabble‘, a sense of  “Nationalism”.  By our nodding of semi consent (or our heads in prayer) the Supreme Court was obeyed. By the power of their august positions and Our brain-washed admiration. Certainly Gore’s anyway.  He walked away though he won the Country’s majority vote. The Supreme Court threw out the sacred goal of the Constitution, threw out the Holy Spirit of Men’s Self Rule.

That’s my experience as a cognitive Adult American.  What the above and volumes more accomplished was implementing Fascism within the United States Government calling it ‘THE PATRIOT ACT’… creating a new and powerful trajectory of descent into a Totalitarian Corporate/Fascist State.  The Patriot Act being the ‘Engagement Announcements’ (to those who could interpret the language) of the Presidency, Congress, Neocon Capitalist Fascists and the highest Seat of Justice in the World for Americans, the United States Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court continued to thank the Bush/Cheney mob, the ‘far seeing US Congress’ and the Capitalist Totalitarians by granting them greater freedoms than any other Citizens in America! In depraved indifference of We The People, all Three Branches of our Government; Judicial, Executive and Congressional, failed us and our Constitution and immediately went into hyper drive implementing the now legal will of our new Corporate Citizens’ Bottom Lines.  They gave us a President who finally sold the entire Country commercial “health care”… Insurance! for God’s sake!  By the way, anyone notice that insurance is not health care?   Imagine that!  I mean, yes I’d give a little chuckle on The Hill when they all got together jabbering about their shoe size or “the Rabble”, especially.  One joke never got a chuckle from this working class person…”they want to cover maternity and work injuries through insurance companies?  LOL  We make it law they have to buy it!  Then everyone will have it! Done!” And that was the 70’s, my Friends.   Between Citizens United and Global Corporate Trade Cartels…..Corporations are legally and literally the ONLY CITIZENS OF ANY AUTHORITY LEFT IN AMERICA!

I expect argument over that statement, abused children will go to any length to protect their abusive ‘Care’ Giver. We need to think about that in ourselves and others, be compassionate.  Still, I suspect everyone on the Planet is living in some Totalitarian engineered society built on lies leaving us all on some level of awareness we are in Denial of the Truth.  The Truth being what we are not told and not allowed to question in the face of what we know and value as righteous Americans!

We’d best start ‘QUESTIONING AUTHORITY’ again.  Everyone’s, and most importantly, our Own Authority needs some attention, don’t you think?

There are so many damn boundaries now, we can’t take a step without stomping on what somebody else thinks is their own.

My Aunt Jane said it best.  I had some time with her in Houston before she died.  On her death bead she said “…the only things that matter in life is God and Family.  Mine, yours, ours…



JD Adam

I’d like to think Jefferson would have approved, my observations if not my writing!

copyright 2/5/18  all rights reserved…I’ll get around to the fancy stuff later, editing wears me out!  Yes, I edited it until I can’t see any more, okay then! My poetry is better, it’s a lot easier, anyway!  Come back next time.  I’ve a doozy of a guest Poet’s work coming in!  …later.  🙂






I’ve long wanted to write and share my thoughts on the terminal Cancer of Elite Rule…it just always seems to be rather useless! Every day in every way, instead of our Species getting “better and better” we are bombarded with Propaganda in every media source, old and new, to make us afraid, Very Afraid. Its long been the adage of “bad guys”, from Bible times to old Westerns and Wall Street Wolves and their Bankster Gangsters, “If you can’t get them to join you by appealing to their greed and need, dominate them by fear.” Remember that? … use to be a “moral” lesson we learned so as not to fall into such insipid slavery. “NOW GREED IS GOD”, yes, “God”, not just GOOD! Wow!

Such a turn in the Human consciousness requires a phenomenon that we of the non-elite almost never share…until now. What could possibly have changed so dramatically and quickly to take a healthy man, woman and child from the joy of doing “right” by themselves, their families and their neighbors to trembling in fear with their doors locked; electronic surveillance watching every entrance with touch ready monitoring of their humble abode filled with generations of treasure and maybe a child or pet or two? What causes normal people not in a war zone (there are still many of us) to close our drapes and peek “outside” our windows at who is on the street or what is happening in the house whose drapes aren’t closed; trembling in what once was the anticipation of coming together with friends and family and neighbors in good humor and sharing? Now we are filled with anxiety and a sense of threat from every house, of every person who dares to think of themselves as FREE and not subject to others’ judgement, especially our own, we “observers”. Wondering how they deem themselves to be so FREE that they are actually “out in the streets”; taking walks with their children, dogs or pushing infants in strollers or carrying signs declaring our Humanity and Compassion? And “OMG” they don’t LOOK LIKE US! Whatever the hell that ever meant, since we are each unique and wondrously original and in FACT, NO BODY LOOKS LIKE YOU OR ME!! Except of course the proverbial Identical Twins…and such twins just look like one another!

What indeed…causes a person to monitor another’s resources so closely as to be able and even willing to report their neighbor if asked by the Water District or “Home Inspectors” (who come in many guises of Authority) to do so? What “motivates” any individual to pick up a phone intimating wrongdoing on another’s part, to talk to an absolute stranger about the personal goings on of someone that could be known to them for decades or not at all?

When’s the last time you heard and saw children playing outside of their own fenced-in backyards, all a twitter with joy and activity, sweet squeals of delight or feigned fright? Now I hear screams, not squeals, and real fear, not pretend and I cannot see the injured to tend to their fear, for all are injured, adults and children. Mostly I wonder at the ice cream truck! As an American capitalist well indoctrinated, I wonder how long we’ll have that corny old music playing as the driver comes up our street, after all there are no more children bustling out of their front doors with hard earned allowances in hand, excitedly positioning themselves to insure they are to get their favorite treat. I have seen one child, held onto as if in bondage by one parent with dollars in hand. Where is the joy?

Where indeed? We are assured of a significantly shortened life span along with the generations now in our care. Stress kills. What is the cause of our melancholy lives, our anxious, depressed children….?

What indeed? Even if you do choose the once comfortable stance of following Authority, you are convinced everyone is watching you as well, or perhaps you deem yourself the only one who can really rout out any “suspected…….” just fill in the blank, water waster to terrorist or any fearful troll you may imagine. But then, if by some miracle, reason still persists, you have to question your own judgement on occasion. Do you really know? Could anyone know that about you? Likely not. Or perhaps you are one who walks in the world Freely, with kindness and charity; what then do you do when you have been “found out” and “reported” by the neighbor who still has your tools or your Tupperware? How do you deal with being Free and yet enslaved by the agenda of another enslaved by Phantom Fear? Either way, where is the Joy? What happened to us?

What indeed……? Have you wondered? What indeed…. has sucked out the life generating Joy that once was our way of Life, our way of caring for each other and ourselves, of trusting strangers and Policemen…..?

What indeed?! Our stories have always told us that it is love and kindness; tolerance and intelligence that drives individuals to advancement and thereby the society they form… you know; contribution, cooperation….PEACE AND LOVE BOUND BY REASON!

by “Nobody” living on the Isle of Cyclops

Pol Pot and Hitler – The Fools Who Shape History

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Pol Pot and Hitler – The Fools Who Shape History.

“The story of Warsaw and Phnom Penh is not simply a tale of two cities. It is potentially the fate of every city on earth.”

#PTSD Awareness Month/ Tribute and Poetry Offering

Scared child
Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is June, 2013, and #PTSDAwarenessMonth.  One would think everyone would know about Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome by now….after all, we’ve been at War for over 10 years and counting.  We’ve been at war a lot longer than we knew as the history of our Nation’s secret wars are still coming to light and our leaders reckless disregard for human life is front and center everyday in Independent Free Media.  #PTSD is not the exclusive realm of those brutalized by war, fighting it or victim of it, it is now the property of every human being alive.  The unthinkable losses that are being felt from Globalization of corrupt and irresponsible Corporate entities (in the United States we call them “Citizens”) and their Political cronies have reached into the depths of every society and tribe in the world.  With Co2 reaching 400 ppms, the glaciers melting at breakneck speed, which is very fast for glaciers, and the added threat of annihilation of all life on Earth, we know in our hearts that the intentional slaughter of everything from indigenous Peoples to wolves, whales, dolphins and food sources around the world is doom for not just their species, but our own.

And there is War, un-winnable, perpetual WAR.  The remarkable stupidity of the World’s ruling elite is dizzying, and it is left up to those of us who have always been nothing more than fodder for that small segment of Society to come together with more than demands, but action of our own to aid one another in slowing the demise of our beloved and only home, Mother Earth.  Yet, we are War Weary, we are lost in the demise of a Society that was doomed before it ever had the chance to fulfill it’s promises to itself let alone to our Children.  That is for another entry, another “Poem”, another ” Soul Offering”.

It is June, 2013, and #PTSD Awareness Month.  I place the hash tag for the benefit of my Twitter friends who are the ones who made me aware of this Month’s focus, and for your use, so you may be made aware of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  For an epidemic disorder, little is known about it, even by those who suffer this devastating result of life in the realm of the Ruling Elite, of Patriarchal Autocrats.  Perhaps this offering can touch some of you who, like us all, know we are alone in the Society imagined in our collective consciousness, but are all to numerous in the reality of the Society that is. For others, it’s a depth of isolation that you will not be able to touch in your Spirit, but perhaps your heart will cry out at the outrage of such profound, lifelong suffering.


Here I am again, suffering….

The pain in spirit befuddles my mind,
thoughts of my actions, humiliation, not humility
fear not confidence,  shame not forgiveness

Turning and turning the offending behaviour in my mind’s eye

stabbing my heart and my pride

fear of loss….

time in anguish sensing some great loss

What Loss?

Why does this hurt so deeply?

Oh, Loss, the Fourth Step

All fear comes from fear of loss…
Loss of What?
In my pain, I cannot guess or think or imagine

The picture of myself, in those moments of unconscious behaviour
Oh, that painful, humiliating act by mouth or movement…
What loss????

It is only me, looking at myself, wondering how on earth
Did I Not Know Better!?!?
Was I tired? sick? in pain? or just crazy again?  Again…
Again caught in the insidious web of my own insanity, so far removed…

Fear of Loss?
The loss of myself, Again….
This fragile mind so secure in its propriety, its found sanity…
How dare it raise its head in public!!??!!

Oh, the struggle to rest, to sleep.
My incriminating shame tearing at my consciousness as a wolf devours its prey,
blood dripping and bones gnawed….
such a fate preferred over this suffering.

No, this is not new…this is my companion, the bane of my life….

But I have not time now.  I must face the world of people again, Oh, No!
Please! Please don’t let me slip into that same place!
Not now! Please! I could not bear it so soon again!

Oh, must I go, must I do anything  but sit here, lay there,
pace where there is space to do so….
If this pain could bring tears, I would cry, I cannot.
If this pain could be healed, I would run to the Healer, I will not.
If this pain could be coddled, I would crawl into the arms of….?
but who can comfort me?  None, none here, none now.

I can’t forgive myself, as the images torment my mind and my heart and my spirit.
I can’t see anything but my ignorance.
I dare not think too long on how others must have perceived me,
to do so fills me with dread and impending doom,
permeating my whole being, causing a collapse in and out of myself

I have become ill, debilitated with this pain, fear
fear of loss…. of what?

I cannot find a place of acceptance for myself
there is no where for me to go with this nightmare
I must wash it from within……how?
By knowing what the fear is, the loss is?

Coming face to face with my own ignorance is not a bad thing….
fertile ground for Spiritual growth…
but me, I just fall into the darkness, face to face with my Black Wolf.
We stare at each other…once again…sizing up
Who will be victor this time?

I am hopeful of a full recovery, for as the pain works within me
I shed, once again, more of my ignorance…
Now knowing my fear….
That “I” should  be victor,
My loss….
That my Wolf would not….

Copyright  2008 by JD Adam
All rights retained by Author.  The Wolf may be freely copied and freely  distributed without request as long as this copyright notice remains in place.

Election Morning, November 6th, 2010, United States of America

“I would not have you ignorant…”

6:30 am, November 6th, 2012, Election Day in the US of A!  Our work is just beginning, no matter what mess comes from the re-Publican war on Democracy and Families.


The 1% want it all, and will take it all, if we continue to allow it.  Yet, now, with Occupy and what’s left of Progressive organizations that have been and continue to battle this Criminal Elite, they will not be able to turn to the Supreme Court and just be handed a “victory” like George and Dick were.  It won’t happen in that way this time.  It will be quite a bit more messy and dangerous, as both sides realize we are fighting for the right to survive.  The problem is, in order for the 99% to have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it has become abundantly clear that the ruling elite cannot have the power of influence, property and money they have enjoyed traditionally for thousands of years in our human history.  They are anachronisms in this 21st Century and their time is no more…


Yes, we have a not so civil war in America.  The rulers, as usual, have corrupted each other and the nation with every form of unethical and amoral practice and attitude.  We are not the barbarians of their ilk; we don’t have that possibility living down here in the valley with people who do have morals, ethics and belief systems of community pride, mutual welfare, and love for one another.  That is a good self check for Americans, our communities, friends and families.  The 1% on the other hand, have “yes people”, and no stops, but for US.


Whatever gigantic looking obstacles the 1% and their allies have in store for us with this election we have United Nation poll watchers and an activated base, if not undying loyalty to President Obama, certainly undying loyalty to all the Americans who died for exactly what we here at home are now in a life and death struggle to achieve, a more perfect union and a future for ourselves and our children.


Whatever happens from here on out, we know that we have a major battle in front of us.  Folks don’t give up what they believe is rightfully theirs, even if it does belong to those taking it back!


We must fight with the firm belief that indeed we are fighting to secure American Democracy right here in our own land!  Unlike so many of our children who have come to understand that they have NOT been fighting for Mom, Dad, Sis, and Bro, or even the American People and our Democratic values but for a greedy, criminal class who can not be satiated.


I stand ready for service in every way I am able and trust that each one of us will ultimately refuse to give up our struggling and wonderful American Democracy.


The elite know they cannot have continued success in a Democracy.  They know if they crush us, we will be willing to work for slave wages and conditions, along side our pregnant daughters and young sons.  Too ill, too victimized to fight even for a crust of bread….     Yes, my Fellow Americans, we are a third world nation…, being awake, it is not too late to reverse the tide, no matter what dirty tricks these 1%er’s have in store!


One last point, for every woman who cast a vote for re-Publicans, I curse you and your off-spring to 7 generations of service to the desperately poor women and girls of America.  (I hope we have 7 more generations, no thanks to you.)


Thank you, and good work to us all!



































“I’m so very glad to meet you…”*

They recommend that I tell you something about myself, intimating that you may find what I have to say more interesting if I do so.  I honor the right of every reader the full use of our escape and delete keys.

I have been and am many things, including being extremely curious about others’ trans-formative experiences.  First I am an insatiable Bibliophile.  Have been since the first time I held a book in my hands!   Then they gave me paper without words on it and a pencil.  My next longest state of being began, writing.

Primarily I’m a poet.   Some poets commit every word penned to tongue’s tip, in explanation of the Poem.  That’s not me.  It isn’t in the words we speak that the communication exists with this poet, it is in the words I write.  It is the shared communion with my Creator.  It is in the poet’s inspired poetry that everyone, at once and alone, can glimpse something inside of themselves that is at the same time in each and every one of us.  I know that the Human is spurred by what moves their heart; Truth and  Beauty.

I, of course, welcome this medium to share my poetry, but that’s not my  motive in writing this blog.  It is Election 2012, undeniably the most important Election of the 21st Century;  I dare say that our individual and collective actions today will certainly be felt throughout the rest of Human History.  We are bringing about a world order that has only been dreamed of by good and ill, in bits and pieces throughout our modern history.  Most of us are lost in a maze of unreliable misinformation; our “system” has failed and we are angry, frustrated, distrustful and resentful; even worse, vindictive!  Mostly just hurt and afraid.

If you are under 21, I’m so sorry.  I’m sorry for the world you have grown up in.  Ours was a lot better, and it was pretty bad.  You have so much to catch up on, we haven’t told you the history of You yet, but you must learn it, as it will be the foundation you build your own personal and generational history upon.  Ask questions, and learn to discern the motives of those offering their hand.  As we say, “Question Authority” all the time, in every Time, no matter if  the “authority” is you.  Teach your children, don’t fail them like we did you; by my standards anyway.

What I do know is you are one person, like me, sitting in silence with this creation, and I am humbled just thinking about you,  having captured your  attention for a moment.  I have to admit, I’d love to know some of your  Brilliant Ideas!

Women Warriors & The Enemies of Life – Poetry Offering and The Nature of the 1%

English: This is a picture of one of the Leagu...
English: This is a picture of one of the League of Lonely War Women leaflets used as propaganda against the Germans in WWII. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Song of Alarm

Sound the alarms

let the people hear!

Sound the trumpets

let the rockets flare!

Sound the cymbals

clanging our hopes out loud!

Sing the song of victory

never mind the flowing blood!

Sing out loud for all to hear

never mind the raging flood!

Sing! Sing! Sing you fools,

till we’ve filled the bloody pools!

And weep torrents as we all see

the cost of horrors yet to be…..

©2007 JD Adam

All rights retained by Author.  Song of Alarm may be freely copied and freely  distributed without request as long as this copyright notice remains in place.

The “War on Women” is a continuation of the violence of ignorance and malice by our    religious leaders, fascist corporations and politicians. They are old white guys  (here in the U.S., anyway) who hail the success of such events as the Inquisition, Hiroshima, the hanging of Saddam Hussein, Gitmo and the humiliation of  Sandra Fluke.  After all, they are currently using the torture techniques inherited from their chosen “Grand Inquisitors”.  In less than 100 years the Inquisition murdered over 10 million women and girl-children horribly!  It was most certainly not a time to have a dead-beat husband and PMS, it still isn’t! They’ve plotted to return us to Medieval times.  When you imprison Women, you’ve imprisoned Mankind and eliminated any hope of higher evolution as a species. Our current societal and political situation speaks volumes to their unending enslavement of women.  This enemy simply must be vanquished.

Just as they self righteously placed our fore-mothers in iron maidens, chastity belts,  shackles, and the death pyre, our enemy holds the iron attitude of all who came before them, and the power$ to “make it so”.  The difference is now we know better; but they refuse, and they must!

We must always remain vigilant.  Without our individual active participation in our own emancipation, these men will always find reasons and mechanisms to destroy life wherever they find it all the while saying words to defile Women and criminalize their bodies; their very right to their own physical well being.  They will ever continue to collect living specimens to torment beyond imagination while pretending to care about a zygote.  Simply stated, they are destroying girls and women, life and our beautiful World.  We women are the only ones who can stop them.  We are Mother.  Mother to mankind in the same way Earth is Mother to all that abides upon her.  We are androgynous Atlas, upon which the good and evil is held upon our shoulders. We understand the necessity to teach our children to play without violence and emotional hurt to one another. These men and their progenitors allowed no such teaching from the Women who gave them life.

Their offense – Hubris.

All that they do, all that they think; every plan, every introduction is stratigized to shore up and perpetrate their arrogant and dangerous views of themselves upon every creature known and unknown.  Their information content and distribution need not and almost never includes any actual fact or concrete truth.  Rarely will you find their arguments (if ever these days) logical in their comparison. It is still the Texas school child who told his teacher, “Well, if someone dies every time you clap your hands then don’t clap.”  Such will always be their solution; it is all they have or are willing to offer. Their enforcement is brutal; our choice..? “Go deaf dumb and blind or only look forward to jails, institutions and death”.  A continued militarized and “refined” force of oppression by any and every means they deem necessary including a “Scorched Earth” Policy is what we can look forward to in our dissent.

Their great offense – Tyranny.

When reflecting upon our recorded human history, the reality of Men’s War on Women comes to light as the coldest, most inhumane, ruthless and relentless war throughout time.  The most aware women I’ve met have been medical doctors. I am honoured to have been educated by a few.  Their voices have been completely silenced today.

Yet, of all the victories our Enemy enjoys, their greatest achievement is “Global Domination”, i.e. Globalization, i.e. Global Warming.  Sounds like a video game, doesn’t it?  Well, who do you think thought up these violent video games with their titles all speaking to death and violence, to the antithesis of Womanhood?  What did you think they were training our children to do?  The Pentagon has been a financial supporter and think tank laboratory for the gaming industry indoctrinating our children into militarization, killing and rape.  Recall the  likes of “Grand Theft Auto”?  They are proud of it.  Mothers, are we?

Their “little soldiers”, our children, haven’t all taken to the reality of war as they’d hoped.  South Korea, Vietnam, Serbia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, et al have proven to the human psyche that War Is Never a viable option.  “You can’t kill your way to a peaceful society”, so says my pacifist friend, a Man.  They’ve given us intimations about how they think (compassion is utterly lacking in our Enemy) about the “broken” daughters and sons they have trained since childhood, sent to war and returned, some not yet in their body bag.  Our soldiers committing suicide at impossible rates (like the epidemic levels of autism in new births) wrenches at us, causes as unending a grief as their war.  These are our children, we gave them life and made them as strong as we know how, and these Bully Tyrants send them back to us to die alone and unaided.  That is how a suicide experiences their death, that is why it is the greatest form of murder, and is a Badge of Distinction for the U.S. Military and their Corporate sponsors around the World.  Intimating even that our babies who kill themselves are too damaged and they are better off dead.  With everything in the headlines do we need to even address why they are insistent that we carry all pregnancies to term?  Add the serious premature development of our daughters by the ages of nine and 10 into childbearing years?  No, we are deeply, even if unconsciously, aware that we and the life we give are nothing more than fodder for their cannons.

Their crime –Murder of Humanity and Our Mother Earth

(Women are the “u nity” in the man.  Without us first and last, they are only capable of destruction.)

Along with global domination by their Corporations, who are NOT people but only a legal entity that will be taken away legally, the military and political industrial consortium has run rampant with fiat currency, yet claiming their “interest” charges are actual real money in real foreign bank accounts and must be credited to them as such, just like our “interest” of near 30% on any amounts due on the consumer debt forced upon us for lack of wages over the past forty (40) years must be paid or they terrorize us in our own homes.  Trillions!  Really?  Amazing how the cosmologists and astronomers don’t refer to such numbers, (paraphrased) “… you can’t write such numbers out, so what’s the point in dealing with numbers we can’t conceive of.  Look at the heavens, and be amazed!”  Only computers can count in the billions and trillions.  We can wrap our world with all the monies in it and still not have enough to pay these bastards what they claim is owed them.  The simple fact is that as Women, we have been working for less than 75cents on the dollar into the 21st Century.  A major indicator of their baseline belief; we are of no innate value to them.  I have never earned a fair income for my output.  Neither have you, and until this Enemy is vanquished, no one will.  They plunge our families into poverty, sickness, hopelessness and death (like our Soldier Children) for their Love of Money.

Their outstanding Character defect – Pathological Greed

Given the characteristics of our Enemy, we find ourselves struggling to feed our children. We have always had to struggle for our basic right to the free abundance of our Mother Earth.  Their greed denies us.  We struggle with sickness and even if we can scrounge together money for insurance, there are no healers.  We are subject to procedures and surgeries and medicines and attitudes when described sounds like writings in journals of 20th Century Holocaust Survivors, the fruits of which are then placed in Petri dishes and patented by Corporations.  They have pushed Mother Earth over the tipping point with the filth from their greed, and tell us it’s not their fault, but the Earth’s herself, and us, after all  we wanted what they were selling.  We are not allowed to reply, we are silenced and they keep making money from carbon emissions swaps. There is NO WAY these men will stop what they are doing.  Like addicts hopelessly lost to their addiction, they have lost all ability to reason, even for their own future.

Their condition – They Are Insane.

As we stand on the precipice of the destruction of American Democracy, World Economy and Global Warming we can see those looking down upon us, and, Sweetie, they aren’t Angels.  Our Mother Earth will cleanse herself and adjust to what she needs to survive, that may well not include the human species.

Never, in our existence have we been such a profound danger to ourselves and our Earth.  Warrior, Woman, you are the one who sees into generations!  The Soldier, Man, he cannot.  Our enemies will not.  They fear, and rightly so, the future will not include them or their works.  With a scorched earth policy, these men concern themselves with us NOT finding out why they really don’t give a damn. They are dangerous, they are paranoid, they are liars of the highest order and they want to own it all and they will kill what they can’t have.   We know their names now, some of them anyway.  The light is shinning.  But this tunnel still has a ways to go.

I can’t help but keep thinking about ending well.  Just because all of our generations have suffered needlessly and horribly does not constitute a Universal Law that this behaviour must continue until our demise.  No, not at all!  Maybe we have one or more generations left before the Earth bids us adieu, and even if Mother decides not to abort us, why can’t we take what we know, as women, and build a world that nurtures, trains and encourages the wonderful miracle of The Living.  We need not study war anymore.  Just strategies on how to cull our enemy from their herd and contain them, keeping them ever distant from their weapons of mass destruction, and females!  A kindness to the complete genocide our Enemies have practiced!

We do need to start with the money!  After all, we must TAKE the basic inalienable right of all life on this Planet, the RIGHT to FEED OUR FAMILIES!

Perhaps there will come a time when such Hubris, Tyranny, Murder and Greed, all culminating in deadly Insanity, will be no more, especially if they aren’t able to breed. Personally, I don’t see it.  Like Democracy, Womanhood must be vigilant 24/7.

From the first of us to ourselves we hold the hope our Mothers held, and we know more now.  That is the point of us, our turn, in our time to expose and correct.  We will make a way to give our Daughters a greater hope today than we were able yesterday.  We must hurriedly gather with one another, acquire tools, knowledge and the right will to use it, Wisdom.

This day’s hope begins with now, just gaze into the eyes of the next Child you see… as you do so, scream in your heart’s silence “I Love You!”!

8/25/2012 by JD Adam/Edited from an earlier post.