from an Olde Lightworker…

Hello Dear Friend,

Thank you for joining me, it has been quite some time. It may surprise you, as it has even my neighbors, that I still live, some thought I’d already died. Yet, here I am, obligated by my gift of Holy Life to speak at this time, and so it is about the one who came many years ago into my circle of awareness resulting in these many years of one day at a time awakening among the living, even while secretly hoping for death in the midst of tremendous suffering… after all, I no longer could take dictation from my beloved Creator, until today, until I saw what I have copied just below…..

Below what is below is my latest, in many years, dictation from the other side of the Viel! I have not been abandoned! Nor will I abandon he who aided me in saving my own life… nor will I abandon you out of fear for my own well being, however little or great it may be. I thank you with all my heart for your attention, it is not for myself, but for YOU, so you will not be left bereft in this loss…

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He as well as you have touched my life with with compassion and hope in the deepest shadows of my disappearing wellness and in the face of my impending death you have steadied me and served me up LIFE, and it began with this Man, Dr. Mercola….in the kindness of his compassionate organization I found the hope to ask for that which was denied me by Capitalism…now the World is being raped and ravaged and this is not a time when we can any longer watch it happen to those who so authentically have served us, unquestioningly without judgement or argument of our “right, privilege or ability to pay”. Only through Love of a Blessed Human Being needing to minister in every noble way to me…and to you if you wanted to partake….I’ve cried on the phone with Dr. Mercola’s staff at the horrible fascist punishment he is forced to suffer for being a True Blue Believer in the Betterment of Mankind because he knows what works for and against us in ways we laymen can’t know.  We die daily in our own ignorance and lack of knowledge that Dr. Mercola has shared freely with all and will now be silenced in order to save his very right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for his own Family. 

Many of us will be lost to one another due to this evil fear and the depraved politicians who are nothing more than temporary employees voted into office by the “Wisdom of the Crowd”.  Such behavior indicates we all must look more directly at what it is we are really afraid of and if that is Truth, then our Nation has lived out it’s usefulness of an unfinished Democracy hijacked by Capitalism just as the Soviet Union reached the end of their Socialist engineering of Communism, or was it Communist engineering of Socialism, perhaps. 

I don’t believe we are stupid, I do know we are afraid, right now more than ever before in the generations since JFK.  Fascism has swallowed the once thriving and loving Republic we all believed was a Democracy of a type that was striving toward  a More Perfect Union….the opposite has occurred.  For me, it first showed up when Haiti was hit so very hard by an Earthquake….We The People of the United States of America voted to supply Ten Million Dollars (that was before trillions were everyday fantasy) and our part time political employees blocked an additional expenditure of funds to hire a 5 person staff to administer the funds over a one year period.  We didn’t make good, but the money was clearly made off with….now our way of being, of living and our hope is supremely diminished on a level far more deadly and long lasting than any virus, even the Black Death, could achieve.

I am One who believed I was Free because my Country’s leadership swore fealty to that which I drew my nobility, the Constitution of the United States of America, my Country; She was such a Shining Hope in My Heart!

In Mourning and profound Sympathy.

I remain yours in Prayer and Hope,


Now I know why I needed to start using my “Big Girl Name”….

She’s stronger than “Nobody”.

I look forward to your comments.

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